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Covid Diaries

By Amrita

Our world is turning upside down because of a deadly virus doing the rounds What was earlier just news n statistics of people dying, has crept too close for comfort Stories of near n dear ones battling this devil are horrifying In such times of extreme distress I feel thankful, grateful n blessed Waking up every morning to chirping birds all around Nature’s beautiful alarm is one of the most calming sounds Watching the sun n moon at dawn n dusk with changing colours of the sky line, is almost a must

Even though summer is fast approaching The cool morning n evening breeze is still so refreshing Miss our regular working days which have sadly disappeared Wish those days of driving to work listening to our favourite music reappeared Who would have thought we would miss our daily routines Back then it felt as if we worked like machines It’s so hard to see everyone trying to cope with the changing times Work from home has its own confines The joy of childhood n school time Has now become life online Sometimes all this seems like such a crime Let us brace ourselves n play our part At fighting this pandemic with all our might n heart For the doctors n so called people in charge Cannot succeed without each of our efforts at large ..


By Amrita

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