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Coping With Loss

By Dr. Apoorva kumar seth

I haven’t spoken of my loss socially, writing about it feels kind of cathartic... May be sometimes it’s important to speak of the loss to make it easier on yourself....


It’s an unknown tread

We tirelessly take

The journey is like you are standing on a cliff

One moment you are on top of the world smiling, and happy...

Standing on the edge, seems fun

Then You see her drifting away,

You are not sure; Is she weeping or smiling

All you want to do is make that one plunge and stop her...

Was it dazzling enough ? The other side ?

You were never a fan of other side but now you want it to exist for your mind finds hope in the idea of seeing her once again...

This curiosity of where did She suddenly disappear has left you with questions of this mundane existence.

Sometimes You let your mind go numb because you don’t find the answer to the essence of this creation...

Honestly, when you look back, You don’t need to look too far...

She was just here... Smiling at you....

But today it’s an ensemble of silence...

The darkness is shining...

You can feel her shadow

It’s fluid though,

It’s silent,

It’s weeping,

It’s shouting,

It’s also laughing,

It’s worried,

It’s hidden...

Yet It is so beautiful!

With yourself you made me...

Now in shadows you rest...

I miss you more everyday Maa :)

Happy Mother’s Day!

P.s. I am in a transit mode to the other side :)

Epic delusion You made me fall for...

love you from earth to other side, back and forth..

By Dr. Apoorva kumar seth

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