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By Shahnaz Hassan

Why am I so bewildered?

Why, why, and why??

Is it the lack of order to understand, is it my inability or am I dazed?

Life's situation is so JUMBLED, mixed up, and perplexed does it mean that – the disordered state of mind is knocking at the door of mind…or is it saying…to mind your own business as there is more grief in the life of living hood? 

Be a Robin Hood, play, sing, dance, and sway your Hair from here to there.

Laugh loud to stop or suppress the grief of your botheration look around – Life is so beautiful, No! Life is not beautiful but nature is! Explore yourself by looking around at the beauty of flowers, butterflies, and birds, and their chirping is like music that soothes, soothes the tired soul! Oh! Dear God, the creator created the visions of Nature to soothe the SOUL of grief to live a life full or brief it may be!

By Shahnaz Hassan

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umme kulthoom ansari
umme kulthoom ansari
Feb 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

so true


Unknown member
Feb 15



Unknown member
Jan 27

Be a Robin hood!

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