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Coming Home

By Madhu Kaleke Sarao

I have played the game of life

Enough, My Lord!

My hands are dirty and my clothes are soiled

My excuses are enough and my achievements are low

The piercing thought made a great upheaval

Which upsetted me, and made me sweat

What am I doing with my life which is so precious and dear?

Jolted I made an earnest appeal to my lord

And standing at the doorstep of His temple, with tears And a longing heart I said,”O Lord! I cannot carry further the burden of my misdoings”.

“Will You not take me in and cleanse me of all the scars and let me sleep in your warmth forever because I have played the game of life enough?”

My Father said, “My child, I assure you that I will always keep you protected with my unconditional love forever.”

By Madhu Kaleke Sarao

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