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Close Your Eyes, They Said

By Jess Doshi

Close your eyes,

flow your tears,

shed your courage,

showcase your fears,

they said.

You're supposed to be timid

and quiet and disciplined,

locked in your room

with no one to console you,

they said.

Don't lie to them

and don't try to escape

these caged walls of yours

cause you're not strong,

they said.

Open your eyes

and look them in theirs

for they will cower beneath

the rage in yours,

mom said.

Throw the doors wide open

and roll up the windows

for this is your world

and you need to own it,

mom said.

Don't bow in front of

people who hide

behind their

supposed manlihood,

mom said.

Carve your name

in their empty head

and make sure that

they never forget you,

mom said.

By Jess Doshi

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