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Childhood Is Like A Rainbow

By Shahnaz Hassan

The life of a CHILD is Like a RAINBOW – They change their colors like that of a rainbow

They laugh, play, get hurt, and forget but they play again with a SMILE and JOY

They are as pure as a


Adorable to all who see them

Intelligent in their activities

Naïve in behavior

Bewitch everyone with a simple SMILE

Overruled the world around with all of them


They shine bright in their life with the help of their PARENTS

Who guides them in every field – POSITIVE and SAFE!

In return, the child gives them (PARENTS)

Happiness……. Joy…. And Satisfaction…!

By Shahnaz Hassan

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umme kulthoom ansari
umme kulthoom ansari
Feb 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

reminded me of when i was a child


Unknown member
Feb 15

Childhood - the golden period of life.


Unknown member
Jan 27

Yes childhood is the best part of life.

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