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Updated: Sep 20

By Sresta

Oh my dear ‘Butterfly’,

How did you feel when you turned into one?

“Was it like your dream came true!?

Or is it like you’ve more to pursue!?”

“Life is not what you think dear,

Beware of predators you have to fear.”

“You may be nothing but a colorful prey,

This world is full of Blue and Gray”

“ Remember, not everything that comes to you is positive,

Your beauty makes you sensitive.”

“You are not here to impress the community,

Crushing your body may be a sand flake of their insanity”

“Not every flower offers you nectar,

Every human who follows you is a specter.”

“Rather be a caterpillar inside your veil,

Don't let the world make you wail.”

“Spill your colors everywhere you go,

Don't take their awful gloom, though.”

By Sresta

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