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Bum Bum Bole: a tale of love, sufferings and innocence

By Aryasmita Dhir

Bum Bum Bole: a tale of love, sufferings and innocence.

It's so queer and sometimes vexing that noone talks about a film that shows us a beautiful relationship between two siblings. Bum bum bole is a retelling of an Iranian family drama 'Children of Heaven'

If you have seen this movie, you must already be aware of the story. Pinu, a young boy misplaces his little sister's shoes at a vegetable shop. Fearing his parents, Pinu asks Rimzim to use his pair of shoes until their father can afford new ones. Now, their school timings are different and they exchange their shoes accordingly. This is followed by lots of hurdles, and a gleam of poverty is seen lurking around these innocent kids. One major theme here is poverty and how it either shapes our mind and makes us mature or destroys it. Pinu and Rimzim are so mature and understanding about their parents' situation, considering the age they're in. (perhaps, less than 10) They continue to adjust with one pair of

shoes without any complaints, especially the little one. She sees her friends wearing pretty and fashionable shoes, and looks at her with the torn out shoes of her brother.

It sometimes upsets her but then she quicky diverts her mind and is very optimistic about the coming days; hopeful of getting new pair of shoes soon. Pinu understands this and participates in a marathon race where the third prize is new shoes. He is willing to give all of him and works diligently, hoping to get the third prize but ends up winning the race. The most affecting part is when he gets the 1st prize but there is no smile on his face, only tears, that he couldn't be able to give his sister what he promised her: a new pair of shoes. The way he cries, sniffling about how badly he wanted to get the third prize, brings tears to my eyes, each time i watch the movie. If there's one thing that I'm proud of consuming as a child, it's this movie.

The movie brings forth many shades of a child's psyche. Binded with poverty, the two children continues to strive for life, not giving up on optimisim that becomes the reason for their win

in the end.

di Bum Bum Bole (2010) | You Tube.


By: Aryasmita.

By Aryasmita Dhir

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