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By Yashti Agarwal

In just a flash,

Her world swapped.

Mistake that never meant to be done

She ended up adoring someone.

With a fear of hurt,

She dared to love

Giving him a chance

Handed him her heart.


That elated euphoric feeling now make her disgust

Love is just a forgery to her.

She hates the man she loved.

Cause of her being stone

Was his leaving her all alone.

Three words torn her apart,

"Let's break up"

Stabbed her heart.

Breaking the promise of forever

He left her shattered there.

Amor replaced by Rancour

His betrayal,

Drained her.

Girl who was jovial,

Is turned Brutal!

In a deadpan manner,

She gazed the ether.

A question,

That never left her mind

'Did she deserved all this, that night?'

By Yashti Agarwal

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