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Bodies Of Them

By Lennesha Prescilla. M

Bodies are ours. They are ours to feel the touch or the tremor. From our genesis we dwell in them, we possess them. For women it differs a tad bit. Women are trained to dilute their shapes into the vastness of a male's gaze. Forget their bodies to not remind others of their existence cause' that is the only way out to cremate the living and worship.

By making them invisible we'll protect them. Bodies are indivisible except for women. That's the slogan reasoned out. We often heed to feed our doubt.

Freedom is free for all. For "privileged" it is at the cost of their visibility. Every woman falls into that category. Breathing in that abyss their bodies they dismiss. Freedom is free doom for transparent bodies. For they are seen as someone's handloom. We forget, all dolls are not puppets. When strings attached are no less than shackles, karma takes over and tackles.

By Lennesha Prescilla. M

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