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Blue Bird Of The Golden Cage

By Rahel Dal

Right through the horizon at night,

I can see the morning star.

Shining so bright, in between the twinkling stars.

As the first shine of the dawn,

the morning star vanishes.

And there I could see lots of birds,

Chirping full with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Flying up in the sky with new hopes and dreams, to fulfill them.

What a great pleasure, I could feel on seeing their flight.

And there comes a smiling great gigantic ball of fire,

Giving light to the world.

Waking all up, “Wake up! Wake up!

Another new day full of hopes and fulfilling promises.

Don’t forget to thank God and go to work”

The whole day passes beautifully,

With the tick-tock, tick-tock.

As the bright sun goes lower and lower,

Thus sets in the eve.

With the spread of a beautiful red and pink shower prism.

There ended a day filled with silvery bright light.

Coming another smiling face,

Surrounded by twinkling stars.

Then again I could see the bright morning star.

Everybody looks so beautiful right through the window,

Of my golden cage.

And so on the world moves forward on and on,

Touching the stars, reaching the skies.

But me still in this golden cage.

Watching the sky, the world and the stars.

Cheering them and being happy in their happiness.


By Rahel Dal

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