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By Zoha Sameer Wadiwalla

In this mayhem of life we have all lost of our path,

Wandering in the lanes of turmoil and sorrow

Burdening our souls to become someone better tomorrow

We forget that flourishing is a process.

We might be in the cocoon stage staring at a stunning butterfly soaring high up with its beautiful wings spread across,

Not realising that this pretty creature took its time & pace,

Not comparing itself to the cocoon nearby.

Even the moon requires a fortnight

To pass through its phases and gleam in its full splendour,

It does not lose its shine and beauty even in the form of a crescent.

We are like the lotus,

Having the ability to rise from mud blooming into our graceful self,

Radiating the light of our glowing soul through our conduct.

You have to be patient with yourself.

Don’t push too hard;

Spring flowers do not blossom the entire year.

Have you heard about the tale of the lily

That effloresced in the night?

Without the presence of sun,

She blossomed from her own light!

She was not in need for his warmth on her petals,

She knew she had the power within

To scatter her luminescence.

She had powerful thorns,

But her heart stayed wide open

All those with a an open chaste heart

Can never be broken...

By Zoha Sameer Wadiwalla

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