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By Shahnaz Hassan

A bitter Truth can never be digested by a wider sensible Human. Wider in the sense of celebrating, getting respect, and showing their BRANDS. A real wider person is in reality narrow in their thoughts, smartly hidden in their pomp show.

Recently a birthday party celebration was seen by me. When I saw the huge cake – tempting, eyes twinkling everywhere, waiting impatiently to cut that cake for kids and youngsters were all clapping and singing the song “Happy Birthday to you…!” Suddenly, a thought grasped my nerve.

Why do we celebrate a birthday?

When a child’s life is lessened by a year and he/she went near to his/her death.

What exactly are we celebrating and clapping at?

Congratulating that person who thinks that he/she is lucky for such a pomp celebration that, O! Good, you are near your death now clap, sing, play, and distribute cakes, drinks and gifts. Are we doing the right thing?

No!! We exactly enjoy our life’s ending not the beginning of happiness when we celebrate a birthday we should bless the child, and pray for his/her good health, and a bright future – distribute among poor and needy alms. So that he/she will be blessed, so that if there’s any omen in his/her life that should be erased.

Think about it – BIRTHDAY?!

By Shahnaz Hassan

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