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By Annie Joseph

Bharathi the daughter of Bharat The fragile palm of your right hand Clutched on the window frame rod Tightly for the fear to be taken off By the tides that took away with it Dearest of dears to you and many like you Father, mother, brother, sister and entire dear Taken away to make orphans to wail alone Entire life with tearful memoirs to avail We look at your eyes that glow Hopefully to rear you to be normal See the furious sea in them raging With tears and fears wavering filled What are there to fear my dear when We are there with you to share and bear? Hopes and whoops of you reveal real Like the calmness of sea that ceded Come to the calmness of your mind

Accept the fate and recede to believe Your life that need to be heaved among Hearts of kindness extended to you Rely on almighty, He safeguards you Remember Bharathi, tsunami made a plan For Bharathi’s sisters and brothers to join Under the roof of one home of love. One father and one mother you had But Tsunami gave you lot of them now God has plans on you to be accomplished Lot of them as your parents wished You are to accomplish them bravely We are to accompany you to move on You are our dear daughter in love Catch our hands and hold your hopes Let us move forward to a brighter world Let us start, let us move, and let us rove Relieve and recover from fear and tear to revive Inspired by a photo clipping in Indian Express during the Tsunami disaster in India.

By Annie Joseph

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