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Benches by a Gravelled Road

By Rhiddhit Paul

I tread lightly on this gravelled road

And on the horizon I see

Lights, skylines to die for

Tantalised by beauty false

For distance rests between the door

And me.

And friends and brothers, enemies alike.

Pass me by, Their journey bleak

For their path is set, the common prime

Their path is set - this gravelled street.

And behind me walk a thousand more

Memories they can only be

Feet blistered by salty shores

Velvet red, but they dance a waltz

A dream of a dream, of Future

They see.

But, I tread lightly on this gravelled road.

Scavenging around for my Destiny

For distant illusions tempt me not.

The road is nought but larceny.

And empty benches line the path,

To the deaf and blind, they beckon and call

But Utopia has their senses wrapped

Too clear to see the hundred maps

That lead them from their agony.

So I wade away from this gravelled road.

To delve further, to simply be.

Present in the moment, I take a seat.

To listen to gravel, under two thousand feet,

To clap to the rhythm of their unified beat,

Dismissing the distance

Between the door and me.

By Rhiddhit Paul

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