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Being a bird

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

By Mariyam hiba

I was trembling with pain, my eyes started swelling up with sorrowful wounds. Sore sockets made my eyes heavy. I couldn't fly, my vision was threatened. Somehow I reached a place where I could see half -180 degree of surroundings with my mosaic vision and perhaps thought it could be a cottage. I sat on the pool with a stand but later realized that I was sitting on a bird bath. That relieved me. I slowly dipped in my head into it and lifted up.

Alas! My eyes went burning. Both started burning to its peak. I didn't know what to do. I start weeping and cried in my endless voice. I was confused where to go.I think the water in the bath was somehow contaminated. I cried and cried until I thought Death was better.

Suddenly a hand took hold of me softly. It didn't press me hard but it was a tight grip. As of then, I became sure that, it was not a predator and even if it was I don't mind because I was already ready to die.

I felt I was lifted to somewhere else. A hunch of humidity touched me. I could feel it. I was layed on a table. From the overall sustenance I figured out it was an operation table. Ouch….A sudden pricking made me ache. That was an injection probably anyway it hurt me so much. Just after that I opened my eyes. I could not open one it was covered with a Band-Aid.As soon as the effect of local anesthetic subsided pain started eating me again but I was grateful and I knew I got operated.With one eye I started observing the ambience.I could see a white coat moving beside me. Then it went to the shelf to fetch some medicines. Then it came back to me and dropped an eye drop in the right eye. Eeh..... It was a bit bitterly when it reached my throat.

I took a sleep then as soon as I got up. I opened my right eye to feel surprised; it was clearer and better than any before. I was happy and hopefully I stayed back on the table for my eye Band-Aid to get removed. After sometime the doctor came back to me and removed my eye Band-Aid. It started pulling my feathers out. But it was worth it. I could see everything fantastically now. I started communicating in my own language to the doctor to express my gratitude yet he did not understand what I was speaking. I made my voice clear and started speaking again. For the second time he understood I was expressing my gratitude. He smiled at me and took me to the garden. From his hands he let me fly above again.....

From there it was a never ceasing journey. I thought I would gift him something but it might take few years for me to do that was my conscience telling me. I decided to collect some seeds and give it to him. For that it might take a long time. Yet I promised myself I will do that.

The next year I decided that I will stop my seed collection and carry them to him. I flew back to the cottage. It took me great time to find that place again because all the landmarks have changed. Finally I found that bird bath again. But I could not see any animals or birds around that Cottage even the Cottage have changed in its appearance. One window was open through which I found way to inside. As soon as I Got inside I was surprised to see a lot of people who were strangers. It seemed like a joint family. Suddenly I heard someone call out Parrot. For my frightening one hand got a grip on me.

Then, I am in a cage. Starving to the core. No one fed me Days passed away. Being in the cage I realize that it was the man’s sons and daughter in laws who operated me. The latter had already died. As per the laws of inheritance the Cottage was now in the name of his children. They were no in love for animals for I couldn't see any outside when I entered. Earlier the first time I entered with hurtful eyes it was like a jungle.

Thankfully I died. Now I am in heaven. Death was better thought I being denied freedom. I am with my life saver now. I am writing this letter to the world to know how different humans in their perspectives are. Some live to give life, some the opposite.

By Mariyam hiba

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