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Before I Die

By Priyanshu Narayan

take me out

live my dreams

be there for me

there with me too

just a hug is fine

but not too much

i’m awkward, i know

but don’t let go

try to keep me close

even when i wont

be what you expect of me

try to be my home

if one ever existed

just be there

in loudness and in silence

with people yelling my name

try to hold onto this cage

that is my mind for us

i promise i’ll try too

to be my best for you

but try not to judge

the days when i’m at the worst

that i can ever be

the polaroids in your room

will hurt my heart too

but try not to look at them

just keep them in your memories

the candids of me

will make me cry too

but always remember the moments

and what they made you feel

help me be

something better than this

there’s things we both need

i’ll try too

please help me keep

the sanity i’ve never achieved

hold onto me

one last time

before i die

but try to keep me

in your memories

even after i die

for a very long time

for beyond a long time

By Priyanshu Narayan

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