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Beauty Of Life

By Komanduri Kavya

One fine morning I just woke up from a deep sleep, tied my hair, got down from my bed and came out from my room in terrors. As it was a monsoon season, the weather was too cool. The plants were blooming with beautiful flowers, birds were humming a sweet song, the sky was cloudy, and the road was busy with vehicles as usual. As a lover of nature I started enjoying the beauty of nature by listening to my favorite songs.

I forget everything and started enjoying my own company, after sometime I heard some voice that is my mom asked me to come for breakfast then I realized I was too late and forget that I need to meet my friend today, then I got ready in few minutes had my breakfast and reached a park to meet her. As usually she was late, I need to wait for her don’t have other option.

I saw a bench which was on left side to me, moved towards to sit on it. Behind my place there is another bench on which an old couple sat already, there were around 65 — 70 years old.

I was waiting for my friend by looking into my mobile; it was too boring so I started seeing my surroundings then I heard some voice from that old couple who were recollecting their memorable love story. I was really very anxious to listen to their lovable moments. Then an old man started his talk saying did you remember that day when I met you? The woman was thinking and not answered anything then he started saying that it was my first day of college, I dressed up myself formally and packed my bag started to college, on my way to college I saw a beautiful woman in a white dress with pink lips, black eyes and a long hair don’t know how but I started liking her from the moment I saw her.

Daily I used to follow her, finally one day I dared myself and went to talk with her. She was bit afraid of me and confused what to say, then I tried to talk her by introducing myself and asked permission to talk with her for few minutes, she started thinking for a minute and said “okay” hesitatingly, then I said that “The day when I have seen you was the day I lost my heart, tried to find it then I realized that is with you , I hope you will never break it, after my mother you’re the only women whom I started loving unconditionally and I want you to be in my life, after you it will be our daughter whom I am going to love as I loved you both, it’s all in your hands to make my home or break my home” I have seen her fearful eyes with tears rolling down her cheeks .She was in confusion and not able to understand what was going around her and moved away from there then I too left from there and stopped following her.

I tried to move away from the place when I saw her in my way…… Days passed, finally graduated and got a good job offer from a good company …. Everyone was happy in my family but still I can’t forget her and the day came when I needed to leave my city for my job …. Don’t know whether I will meet her again or not I started preparing everything for my journey, then i list out the things what need to take with me to the new place then I went out to a store to bring few essential items to carry with me, on my way to the store I saw her talking with someone carrying beautiful red roses in her hand, still I remember her beautiful face and a happy smile, then I was totally blank, thousands of questions running in my mind, Don’t know how to face this situation then I slowly walked to the store from there by walking in front of them but she ignored me, I could not take it but I can’t even do anything at that moment.

After purchasing my essentials, I returned to my home from same route. At this time I couldn’t see her there. I felt I’m going to miss her forever. I directly went to my bed room and continued to pack my luggage, it’s around 2.00PM in the afternoon, mom called me for lunch but I ignored it and was busy in packing.

I heard someone knocking my door then I told come in mom, bit busy in packing I will do my lunch after some time then i hear a anklets sound and sweet fragrance in air then I turned back saw that woman in front of my door holding red roses, I felt like butterflies started flying in my heart …. Don’t know why she came here, don’t know what to talk with her then she walked towards me and handed over me that roses congratulating me, I was happy and confused what’s going around me. Mom came to me and told me that she is her childhood friend’s daughter, introduced her mother to me then they left us in my room and asked her to help me in packing, I could not resist to take her help. I said sorry for that proposal then she laughed at me and said “I don’t know how to break your home”, I couldn’t understand what she was saying, we both were silent for some time and then she told me that she was happy with my proposal and wanted to make her home with me.

I was happy but didn’t know what to say. Then she told me that I started following you when I stopped following me, I tried to know about you and your family with the help of my friends and talked with my parents too about this first they refused my proposal and said how can you marry a stranger? And then after we came to know that you are my mother’s childhood friend’s son then I proposed about you again with my parents then they accepted it.

Recently i came to know that you are going to leave this city for your career then I thought if I won’t meet you now I may not meet you again and I could lose a person for life time, who loves me wholeheartedly, so I came with my family to talk with your family about our proposal if you accept me. I couldn’t stop my happiness then I hugged her for a minute and then we went for lunch. After that we talked with our parents regarding our relationship and then they accepted our proposal. It was a great day of my life which I can’t forget for the rest of my life. It’s around 5PM in the evening; my train is at 8PM, I get ready with my things and reached railway station to start my new journey of life.

Her and my family members also came to the station to give me a sendoff. I placed my luggage in the train and got down to talk with them for some time, and then we heard an announcement that my train is going to start in another couple of minutes. I was happy at the same time was sad to move away from her but I can’t quite this offer too as it’s our future. Still I remember that day when I saw a smile on her face at the same time tears in her eyes, train started day was passed with her memories. Reached my destination next-day morning, then i joined my new job, met many new friends, and adjusted myself to stay in a new place with new people.

It’s really good experience working with kind of people from different places at one place, after two years we got married and had two children. After all these words, the woman started rolling out her tears from eyes with a happiness saying, in this 40 years of togetherness the love, care, affection, support, advice, suggestions towards each other and our family never got changed, we may have frightened for many little things but never break our relation, it’s all in our hands to make it or break it. It’s all about listening to each other and understanding each to be in a relation in a long time and when you do this there is no fear of losing your loved one from our life. After few minutes the old couple left that place by holding each other’s hands this shows me that no matter how much old we are , whatever may be the relation, however we are, wherever we are, just we need to accept the things as they are then only we can see the “Beauty of Life” ……… It’s not all about the beautiful things that we have in our life but it’s all about creating our own one.

By Komanduri Kavya

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