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Beauty Being Poor

By Mohamed Maqbool V M

A guy entered a hotel and sat on a table in the corner. A Bengali young guy with uniform approached the table and kept a clean empty glass on the table. He asked the guy sitting.

“apko tanda pani chahiye, ya...? “

The guy replied

“ aap konsa paani peethe ho”

He smiled and said

“ mai gharam paani peethe hai sir”

“ to mujhe wohi lelo”

He went and came back with a steel jar and poured hot water to the glass.

Guy took a sip and said” aap ke ye paani peekar mai bahut khush hoon. “

He continued

“ aap se ek baat bolu?.

Ye tumhari ye hotel ke malik kabhi kush na hote ya tere achi kapde pehen ne wala supervisor bhi.

Pata hai ye log sapno mai bhi kya maangega?


Ye log marne ke baad apne kabar ke upar bhi zyaada mitti daal ne ko maangega.

Allah maaf kare iss laalachi insaanon se”.

Sadly, people who are poor, the one who constatantly work hard to make a living are the only ones find contentment in the life...

May god bless them

By Mohamed Maqbool V M

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