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Be Careless

By Arvind Chhipa

It's very difficult. Not to care about what others think of you. No matter how hard we try, we do get affected by thinking about what others think of us. If they can't understand you, then it's their fault. Maybe they don't want to. But once we learn not to care. Life becomes so simple & so easy one can't even imagine.

Yes, It hurts when even the people who know us well don't understand us and

think wrong about us. But you know what? Learn that too, to not care about even when your loved ones think wrong about you. Not your fault. And It doesn't mean that you stop loving them. It's just that you shouldn’t be hurting yourself for no reason because of anyone in this world.

You know who you are. That's more than enough.

Be careless. It's good to be careless. If it means caring about yourself instead of caring about what others think.

Love Yourself. Be Yourself!!

By Arvind Chhipa

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