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By Mohini Chadha

To start with, I won’t lie by stating that the thought behind this article originated in my whirlpool head. However, the writing definitely is. The other day, while browsing online I happened to come across an article written by a woman, which mentioned that how a simple cab ride from her office to her home seems like a battleground to her! This seemed to really create a lot of ripples in my earlier stated whirlpool because of the simple fact that it was so relatable. I could so empathize with that lady and whole-heartedly relate to the fact of sending the screenshot of my cab number to my husband or maybe talking on the phone throughout the journey, just to feel safe. And I couldn’t agree more that something as ordinary as a cab ride is a combat zone for women! Well, just to add to the list of other battles that women have to face every day and trust me, we are not just expected, but assumed to emerge as winners in all of them, fighting without any arms or aids!

To further clarify, the battle of a mother to send her child to school every day on time (Would you ever be able to forgive yourself for making your child miss school, because you woke up late that day???). Next comes up the battle to shuffle between your work responsibilities and the society tagged “sole owner of domestic responsibilities”. (How can you not successfully manage that conflict!). Moving on, the battle to shop alone and safely in a market place without being gawked upon by a group of guys, only because it was hot and you wanted to wear shorts that day! (Well if you lose here, mind it the blame of this loss will also have to be borne by the single standing commander- You!) I can go on and on and the list of our struggles, battles, warfare, assault or any name that you might like to call it as, is endless.

So, am not preaching, not going on a march to say that I hate the male fraternity and strongly support feminism (Just to mention, I have an extremely empathetic life partner!), nor am I trying to make women sound like the sole victim of society. I am just trying to pen down something from my heart and hopefully it makes a small passage and somewhere manages to struggle and reach out to your hearts.

It’s not easy; it’s never been easy for women. Paradoxically, the sole creator of life, has to face a battleground for her day to day survival. So, a big salute and a bigger hug to all the lovely ladies for combating, confronting and emerging in fine feather in all these battlegrounds! No matter what the society says, no matter what their expectations are, we are definitely unyielding and way tougher than all of this!

By Mohini Chadha

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