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Bare Truth

By Kakoli Ghosh

I stand naked, face to face

with my beloved, in his embrace.

My flaming imprisoned breath,

burns out the cold silence of death.

My love made me eligible for pain,

last breath creeps through every vein.

Soul of my raped corpse won't expire,

in its spasms death do respire.

Unburdened, free of promising ashes

my life on pyre sparks in brief flashes .

Ecstatic terror impregnated death,

sketetons of bare truth sprout breath.

My beloved will cover my cadaver,

all my bruised senses will flower.

Tomorrows will bloom unnoticed here,

embarrassing gods in silent prayer.

New thuds of thousand buds

would set old scores with silent gods.

By Kakoli Ghosh

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