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At Which Age, Are We Living?

By Shahnaz Hassan

An age full of hastiness, no calm, no rhythm to be heard or feel. Just run, run, and run only. It is like if you want to survive, you must run at the pace of the present period. Otherwise, you will be nowhere. You will become a useless thing. You will be sensed as rotten fish of the market and will be thrown out. Walk and chase the period of the present time. An era, where when you open your eyes, it turned into another day of your life. So, chase with the fist of hurry and not fury.

Chase with running legs not walking or brisk walk. All will take you back to where there is no future or no life. Take heart, save your honor of living in this world, where nobody cares for anyone. If you are dying of slow pace, you will be left where you have started from.

So dear us- love your life, to survive with pride!

By Shahnaz Hassan

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Unknown member
May 22, 2023



Unknown member
May 18, 2023

An Age where competition is the only thing.

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