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As Brave as a Lion

Updated: Sep 20

By Sandhyaa V.

You must be as brave as a LION to walk into a lion’s den - Sasan Gir, is the ne plus ultra in

Gujarat, India!! The Park is a home to many hundreds of animal, bird and reptile species;

howbeit the Asiatic Lions are the kenspeckle populace out here. Found nowhere else in the

world but in India, the Gir Lions / Panthera Leos have been rescued and revived to sizeable

numbers from the crisis of extinction.

A spine-chilling Jungle Safari ride in Gir is a must, to go as close as within sniffing distance to the

freely roaming, roaring, ruddy-tawny and fierce ‘pride’ of lions, lionesses and lion cubs!!!

By Sandhyaa V.

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