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Another Fine Day

By Sristy Sharma (Vnée)

It had been an accident that she had met It. 

She had been out with her friends to live up to her ornate character, which had been one of the reasons that she was always too busy to even deal with matters like It. That night as well, it was an exasperation-led accident that had introduced her to It. Not yet as happy as her friend, and so responsible for all her good and bad decisions she had, as is the human norm, exclaimed her frustration towards the divine, and her life had changed henceforward. 

She had encountered It for only about 1.5 second, but It had latched itself onto her mind. She had only looked up to cry “Oh God!” and resume her BFF duties, but the damage had been done and her mind had been imprinted by the image of the solitary far cousin of the Earth. She had been cursed, probably by the almighty for her unfair outburst, to be constantly plagued by the thoughts and existence of the Star from then on. 

It didn’t bleed into her life but knocked her out of breath in full force. Within minutes of the event, the vision of the star, alone in the vast sky, was all she could think or see. 

She had already escorted her now consoled friend back to their familiar arena, but she could not shake the vision away. She tried exploiting tools of happiness, but still, the star didn’t leave her. She did think of seeking fresh air but held back out of the fear of being being tormented by the real version,  and just like this, she gave up on her night and every moment from then. 

Days following the accident, all she could see was the vast blackish-blue canvas and the star spotting it. Her dreams were it now and so were her nightmares. 

When she sat for breakfast and gazed for the sunlight, the star would pinch her into the void of weightlessness. She would be standing under the shower and it would unravel behind her closed eyes. She would be putting on her clothes, and it would splash itself on the underside of her garments. She powered up her laptop and the scene would boot faster than her advanced processor.


If this was the state of her days, the nights were a lost cause. Even in distress, she was aware of them being the opponent’s territory; but she was not the one to be easily defeated.

She started hyper-focusing on her work, alas, her body betrayed her (something ridiculous about physical limits). She began physically tiring herself out through exercise, sports, and other regimes, but again the exhaustion called for a visit to peaceful bugger.

At last, she tried a hand at deceit and started meditating to swerve the star into giving up, but only ended up handing the free reigns to the mastermind. And after a long tiresome and dreary battle spanning over months, she compromised for a treaty and allowed the star access to her life, only this time warranted and on her terms. 

Now she would call upon it every day at every step of her life, they would conversate for a few minutes and then depart as promised. 

The life which had declared a cold war on her in her teenage years was suddenly more appreciative and bright. Her surrounding crowd thinned but the threads became strong. Work slowed down but into reliable consistency. She was no more afraid to speak wrong, be shunted, and be left alone, as now she had a friend. She was more invested in her relationships and work, while her personal self was no more battered. 

The lonesome star, which once annoyed her, had returned to her her lost soul and fine days.

By Sristy Sharma (Vnée)

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