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An Unusual Pet

Updated: Feb 9

By Sarah Barwaniwala

One morning Anny and her little sister Clowey were sitting in her room talking. Anny and her sister are very cute, kind, and always positive. They never ever lie to their elders.

Suddenly Anny and her sister heard a strange noise coming from outside their window. When they went to look they saw a small baby unicorn perched on the grass. They both went fast and got the baby unicorn in the house. When they first reached to get it the baby unicorn got a little scared but after a while, the baby unicorn got comfortable and went into Anny's hands. Anny carefully carried the baby unicorn to her room and made the baby lie down on the bed.

Anny took the unicorn straight to the bathroom to take a bath, Next Clowey ran into the kitchen to get some fruits and bread. But when she gave the stuff to eat it the baby refused to eat. The baby unicorn suddenly started talking, and Anny and Clowey were surprised. The unicorn told them, “I only eat and like sparkly stuff’. So Anny went to her grandmother's room and got her sewing bag. Anny kept all the sequence on the bed. When the unicorn saw this her eyes sparkled and she gobbled up all of it in a jiffy. She started to jump up and down on the bed and flew out of the window. Any and Clowey ran behind her. 

When they were playing suddenly an eagle flew past her. The baby unicorn was startled. After a few minutes, it flew by again. So Anny and Clowey decided to take the baby unicorn back inside or else she could have been caught by the eagle. 

They then decided to build a house for the baby unicorn. They got sparkles, glitter, and sequences to make her house. They even added fur to make it soft. After the house was done they decided to name the unicorn. They named it Sophie and decided to keep her as a pet so she stays safe at home.

By Sarah Barwaniwala

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