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An Overflowing Cup

By Deepika Oberoi

Long time back ,we friends gathered together for a chit- chat on an evening . We all were very enthusiastic to meet each other as we were meeting after a long time .

Getting dressed in a casual attire , I prepared the dinner beforehand ; thinking in mind , the family can have their supper ,if I am late . And when friends meet after long time ,how time flies , One could easily imagine . Waving Bye -Bye ,I left the home and reached to my friend’s home . I was the last one to reach there , all were already reached half an hour back .

The aroma of ginger tea was filling up the atmosphere , along with that onion bhajiya (Onion fritters ) , and khandvi ( an indian dish ,a savory snack which consists of yellowish ,tightly rolled bite -sized pieces , made from yoghurt and gram flour ) made my mouth watery ! I greeted the elders of the family and gave a tight hug to my friends and shouted from the main door only , ” Make my tea less sugary ,as in their family everyone is fond of “meethi chai ” ( tea with more suagar) . Her mother called me in the kitchen and said ,” you take the kettle outside and start serving ,till the time I am getting the assortments . Saying okay , I took the kettle outside in the main hall and started pouring tea in all the lovely beautiful porcelain cups .

One of my friend is a total show off . she was ranting and ranting and everyone was like ,”KEEP QUIET “. But, she and her stories never comes to an end . I took a saucer from the kitchen and started pouring in the cup to its edge and she looked at me and said , STOP ! ENOUGH ! .I kept on pouring till it was Overflowing , Everyone was like ,What are you doing ?

She bacame quiet and I responded ,YES ! This tea cup is like our Mind which is full of so much of ideas and information that there is no space of new information to enter .

In case of my therapy room ,When clients come with so much of neagtive and irrational thoughts , which are a cause of their distress ,pain and anxiety ; I first try them to empty their overflowing cup so that there is a new and clean space for new ideas and behaviour to enter .

“The Bin can be refilled only after the old trash is removed “

By Deepika Oberoi

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