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An Outlet For Emotions: Books Or Tv Shows

By Seethalekshmi Kishore

Infront of her screen, mindlessly watching some tv show, having a laugh her and there slowly realizing she just binged a 15-hour show. My sister watches way too many tv shows. 269 to be exact. My sister and many others I know watch shows as an escape, a place to go so as to vent out your emotions. Now when one feels overwhelmed, why is it that they chose not to read a book but rather watch a show on that site that wavers on the line of being legal. is it illegal-no, is it legal- questionable…?

There is a particular procedure one follows to cope with these feelings

  1. punch. anything., ideally not people

  2. talk to someone about it - like the numerous monologues I have with myself on a daily basis. (is this relatable? or just weird.)

  3. find relief in entertainment

In the 3rd step, books are a lot better than shows

It’s perfect to refresh your mind, reduces stress and has an overall healing effect whereas shows increase your heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety causing epinephrine rushes, affecting cognitive and deductive reasoning, and adding to your list of insecurities. Hence next time you want to let go of your worries – read a book. And -

  1. just go on reddit—it helps

Also if you ever come across my sister, please don’t tell her I used her as a lab rat for my project.

By Seethalekshmi Kishore

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