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An Epic Love Story

By Juno Felecia M

I want you to fuck me. Not because I love you or adore you or even want you, but I want you to fuck me. For I am told you feel whilst being fucked, that you feel touch, warmth and a moment of connection and I crave that. A moment where I am not me and I am not in this world, a moment where ‘me’ has no history to leave when she leaves. Would people mourn me, would you when I am gone? I want to stop thinking and feel the absolute, all-consuming euphoria that you fucking me would bring. No. I do not want you to care for me, love me or even know me. I have no use for you. I am like a black widow, a chasm,

existing solely to appease this gaping hole in me. I do not have any hopes of romance or love. They are filled with heartbreaks, disloyalty and being used. You either get bored or they will. They use you or you use them. It’s mediocre sex for a couple of months, you being all encompassingly entranced and them finding you interesting cause you are a good fuck, then they get bored, move on and leave. Now you are crying and wondering how you were so stupid to believe them. They fuck you over but lace it with sweet words. But now that words no longer exist you see the truth and you, you do not mourn the loss of a person but the disillusionment of hope, love and romance. You love ‘love’ but no longer see it, feel it. So, no I do not need you to ask me what happened, do not stay for that smoke after you fuck me. I only care about what I feel and it does not matter, Leave once I come. Fuck off. Do not stay, cuddle or ask if I am okay. You do not care and I do not need it. I want you to fuck me because I feel that is the only way I can escape this gaping sadness that entrenches me.

By Juno Felecia M

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