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Am I not allowed?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

By Rexl

I wanna cry

I wanna break

but if I break,

there's nobody to gather me again.

I wanna feel

I wanna touch

but if I touch,

it'll go away from me again.

Am I not allowed?

Or am I just a puppet?

that you can use.. and I can't

I walk in black void

nothing in my front, nothing in my back.

I have become a transparent fluid,

that can't hold anything in my hands.

It slips out of heart,

like life slips out of life.

I wanna smile

I wanna laugh

but if I laugh,

it will only gonna be noice.

I wanna feel warmth

I wanna feel loved

but if someone loves me,

they'll only regret.

Am I not allowed?

Or am I just a puppet?

That all can use.. and I can't

I don't know anymore,

if dark is inside me or I have become the dark.

It feel so lone it feel so numb,

when was the last time it 'feel'.

I just want to be "Pinocchio" in the end,

or maybe I'll end up as the definition of pretend

By Rexl

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