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Allegro Of Love

By Sonika Malloth

I speak of love with a contented heart

Not one love I could choose to express tonight

Love lured, love lurked, love lusted, love leaked

love lied, love laid, love lived, love loved

love lost, love failed, love hated, love healed

love sinned, love smiled, love prayed, love prided

love drank and dance, love discussed finance

love earned, love yearned

Yearned to yearn more, more and more.

Love saved, love slit, love sacrificed, love slept

love dreamed the wildest of them all.

I speak of love, not a mere shapeshifter

taking refuge from soul to soul

hopping along in hopes of home caged in walls.

I speak of love that prevails

that engulfs, enchants, echoes, etches.

I speak of love that enslaves

freeing our mortal bodies of morality.

Love that thickens, the mere thought of it sickens

Love is lube, love is God

Love is God! Oh! God! Oh! Yeah!

Love is serviceable.

Love is a maiden you’re looking for ever more

while she sits in your right pupil

banging nails onto the coffin of your heart.

Love is a drop in draught.

Love’s knot your break, love’s bond you tie

love lingers in thin air

while you finger under your sheets

love hides behind curtains

love comes out of closet

love curses, love cures

love repents, love allures.

Love promises, love pesters

love is beauty, sometimes a duty.

Love looks for scars under your scales

love burns away the flesh of your tales

Love summons your demons

and kisses everyone of them on forehead

tying together their strings of fears

for you to clatter in the dark

while penning love letters

under a candle’s shimmer.

Love sings a lullaby as you type out

a leave letter to this life

hoping to doze off midway

and by the time you wake up

it leaves rainbows all around

with no pot of gold or pit of snakes.

Love is easy. Love is heard to tell.

Love is fun. Love is swell.

Love embraces. Love bids farewell.

Love is heaven. Love is hell.

By Sonika Malloth

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