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All Hail The King

By Kripa Mary

He was one of us, who broke all laws to be throned,

He rolled out the reel of his journey, that touched millions,

His words stilled our hearts, that once groaned,

He talked of the newer ideas and visions,

They shouted with joy “All hail the King.”

He laid his plans to re-construct our lost glory,

They believed in the season of harvest, we soon would reap,

They toiled till their sweat cooled the earth, buried their deepest worry,

They worked beyond the calls of sleep,

They shouted with pride “All hail the King.”

He did heinous crimes in the shadow of sweet talks,

He built an image in the name of god,

People were prey to his charm in flocks,

We could plead Satan’s innocence, he’s less a fraud.

They shouted with confusion “All hail the King”

Truth, double edged sword, can cut through even the shadows,

Violence may win, only to bow its head someday to love & unity,

They awakened, swore to dethrone, faced every arrows,

Victory never resides forever with hatred and insanity.

They chose new righteous king and with happy tears shouted “All hail the King”

By Kripa Mary

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