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Aku’s Release Of Light

By Kumar Shaurya Singh

Part 1: In which Aku acquires The Powers.

I will tell you about The Mother.

She was not my birth mother. I did not even know my birth mother. When I was growing up, my friends and other people from The Healing Centre told me about her and how she used to sing for everyone, but I have no memory of her. I don't have any memory of my father either. They were both taken away from me when I was very young. I am not going to lie. It used to hurt me a lot, especially when I saw my friends enjoying their time with their parents. I felt alone, abandoned, and alienated, as if everything was against me. I did not have happy thoughts at all.

But I was taken in by The Mother at a very young age. She was a beautiful woman and always spoke sweetly to all of us. We used to live with her in a Villa that had been given to her by her husband. In all the years that we stayed with her, we never found out who her husband really was, but we knew that he kept sending her the funds to keep the place running. It was called The Urizen by many of us but she simply called it The Healing Centre.

'This is a beautiful world, Aku,' she said to me one day, 'but a lot in it is hurt, and secretly it is grieving. There is laughter, joy, and happiness everywhere around, but there is also struggle, pain, and despair. Always remember that you must share both of them equally.

'When you are happy and bursting with energy, you should channelise it outside, and you will find that your happiness will multiply. Everyone else is like an empty pot waiting to be filled with gold, and happiness is that gold Aku. Thus you should share it with everyone. You should fill their pots, make them rich.

'And if you do this, then you will find that your own pot will get filled beyond any measure. This is the secret law of happiness, Aku. The more you share, the more you have.'

'But what about sadness Ma,' I had asked her. I was quite young back then. 'Should we share sadness too?'

She had smiled and said: 'Yes Aku. We should share sadness too because when we share it then we lighten the burden. When we share it, then we end up releasing the tight knot that we had been carrying inside.

'If you don't share your sadness, then you will have to endure the heavyweight all by yourself. Your tiny stomach will tighten up, and your shoulders will have to bear all the burden. This world has not been made so that anyone may stoop low because of their burden. Everything is destined to rise up like the trees. Everything is meant to move up, up, and up.

'But when you don't share your sadness and hide your grief, then you allow a deep inner wound to fester secretly. You give it space to grow, and deep within, it spreads its darkness in you, Aku. It consumes you, fills you up with dread, and isolates you from everyone else.

'This is an error. This is a very grave and deep error that no one should ever make. We have not been designed to suffer alone. We have not been made to endure everything that's been given to us without sharing. Sharing is a law, and thus we must share everything that we have got.

'This means that we should also share our sadness with everyone. We should let it all out. The deep-seated knotted feelings and the suppressed emotions should be poured out into the vastness of this Mother Earth. Let it rain and wash over everything. Let it flow and be free from the burden.

'There may be moments when you'd think that everything is dark. You'd think that darkness has settled in each and every single corner of your mind. You may feel heavy, lethargic, and incomplete. You may feel close to the gates of death. You may feel that the pain is the only reality, but always remember that there is a Light within you. Just like the sun that glows and illuminates all the orbs, there is a glorious light burning within you as well.

'It is always there. It is always burning. You, too, are burning like a star. Don't forget the brilliance of Light, Aku. Even when Darkness has established its abode in your Being, always remember that it is a brief and passing thing- unnatural and impermanent, like a fog. Behind this veil of darkness, the light is always shining Aku. It is your own Light. Thus, never hide your joy or pain, Aku. Always share it. The Light that you carry in you - Release that Light.'

Her words had a depth to them that I could not fathom at that young age. But miraculously, at night, when I was thinking about what she had said to me, I ended up crying, and then there was a release, the likes of which I have never ever encountered. It used to feel like I had swallowed a set of heavy boulders and had to carry them everywhere. My stomach would always feel tight, constricted as if it was trying to squeeze me. It burned me. It hurt me. I used to be in pain, and every time the pain attacked, I used to swallow it. I used to shove it down. Push it as deep down as I could.

But that night, I didn't push anything out. The pain came, and I allowed it to surface. I didn't repress it.

And it was then that I had experienced the most cathartic feeling.

Tears had started to pour down as they had never appeared before. In fact, I think - if I remember correctly, before that moment I had never allowed any tear to surface. I had never shed even a single drop for my parents. But that night, they came on their own, and it felt like the boulders of my stomach were evaporating up and vanishing as I allowed them to flow.

I felt as clean as we do when we take a shower but it was much more than a shower. It was healing. I had finally started to heal.

It was true that I was deeply hurt from within, but now I was not hiding it. Now, I was not suppressing it. Now, I was strong enough to face it. You know how they say that everyone has demons, and they must learn to face them. Well, that was it for me. I had been hiding from my demon all my life, but that night I faced my demon, and upon encountering it, I realised that it was only a tiny little worm. I used to think that it would be a dragon, but it turned out to be just a worm.

And since then, I have never shied away from facing it. I always look it dead in the eye and face it. I never repress it.

Thus, now I can tell you that such was the beginning of my healing process. Day by day, I healed, and every night, I felt the pain deep in my heart.

It was a shadow of darkness that had settled in my heart. But as The Mother had said, I had started to find the Light.

Slowly Light took over, and each and every single corner of my being was washed with the beauty of that light. There was a pure radiance that flowed in my body, and I felt so graceful and alive that my thoughts glowed with the brilliance of that light and my speech reverberated with its rhythmic vibrations.

I had finally healed completely and the darkness of my being vanished as if a Dark Lord had been challenged and defeated by a warrior of Light. Peace flooded my body, and beauty moved in my thoughts like it were a river moving with grace to merge with the ocean.

Then, The Mother said to me: 'Aku. You have grown old now, and even though in the eyes of others you will look small, but in your heart, you carry a wisdom that is as deep as a well and as clear as a lake. Therefore, I shall pass this blessing to you now that was gifted to me by my own mother: "With the power of your speech and look, you shall be able to heal the others from their pain. The Light that you carry in your heart, you shall succeed in releasing, such that you may challenge The Darkness that others face in their life. Thus you will become a Light Warrior Aku, and with your companion, you will release everyone else from the shackles of ignorance. You shall be The Warrior that wars against the dominion of Darkness and this gift of The Healer is yours now."'

The Mother had left The Healing Centre that night, and The Caretakers had come to charge. But ever since that day, I had acquired this magical ability to see the pain of others. No matter wherever I looked, I saw the pain of people that manifested in the form of a light that glowed on their skin. Some people had a light blue and green light that signified a relatively smaller pain, but some had a dark brown or red light that signified a pain that's difficult to digest. It didn't matter where I looked; everywhere, the pain was present, and even the little plants in the garden were hurt.

The singing birds also glowed in soft light, and The Old Trees were bathed in deep blue light though some were in red. I saw that Mother Earth was burning up in red hot light, and all her children were burning with her. No one was free from it.

Thus, I looked at The Light of my Heart and said to myself: 'A gift has been passed on to me by my Mother. I shall not let this gift go in vain. I shall travel everywhere, and I shall learn to free everyone from their pain. The magic of Healing, I will spread everywhere.

Part 2: In which Aku meets Vikki.

For five years, I stayed at The Healing Centre, mastering the science and arts of medicine and healing. A strict doctor had taught us the names of all medicines and compounds that we could use to help the others, and likewise, various Herb Masters and Medical Experts had shared their wisdom with us all. In those five years, I had developed quite an affinity for these sacred sciences; but still, The Light that I carried in my heart seemed to me much more powerful than anything.

This was because the medicines and herbs could heal only that pain that was visible to the eye. But I saw pain everywhere that was invisible to everyone. I saw that people had learned to repress their pain just like I had when I was young. I learned that people had taught themselves to mask the pain and hide the pain and suppress it so deep down that they themselves forgot about it.

But I saw it plain and clear. It showed on their face. It was visible on their shoulder. Sometimes it was present throughout the spine. It was there on the heart. The abdomen and stomach were also colourful. The reproductive organs were often burning with red pain, and I could watch that pain as plainly as you can watch the sunlight. It was right there in front of my eyes.

Yet, for five years, I couldn't do anything about it. I saw people struggling with pain, suffering, and isolating themselves. I saw them giving up their ticket to happiness and choosing a dark life. The doctors and medical helpers aided them as much as they could, but they couldn't know about the suppressed pain. They couldn't know about the pain that festered on the inside.

I could, thus after 5 years of my training, I started travelling and witnessed the pain of the world with my own eyes.

It was heartbreaking and difficult. But there was a light in my heart, and I called out to it. It led me to the path. It guided me. It showed me the way.

Thus, as I grew older, I ended up establishing many Healing Centres all over the world. I would travel to all these Centres, and I would use The Blessing of my Mother to alleviate the pain of others as much as I could.

Sometimes it was easier because the childlike heart of the others aided me in untying their knots. But sometimes, it used to take a lot of time... even years. Yet we succeeded every time. No matter what the challenge was, we would succeed every time, and slowly I witnessed that I was not alone in this endeavour.

Just like me, there were many more Light Warriors. They had also found The Light of their Heart. And they, too, released their Light.

They had found many channels to share this Light. Some released it in their paintings and drawings, while the others composed it in their poetry and stories. Some were channelising it through their musical instrument, and some had discovered unique stations through which they streamed the beauty of their own inner light. Everyone had found their own unique method of releasing that Light, and thus the planet was slowly healing.

I saw that The Darkness was kept in check by all these Light Warriors. I saw that everywhere, people had unlocked the secret of their own Hearts, and they had started to share their Light. They had finally started to release The Light.

Thus, the pain was not so hot anymore. It was still there, it was present everywhere around, but just because everyone had started sharing their pain, it had started to lessen up. It had started to fade away.

There were many who still suffered from their pain, but there were many more who were ready to heal the sufferers. The Age of Healing was coming and now even a Centre wasn't needed anymore. It had started to happen everywhere.

It was during this stage of my life that I met Vikki. She never really told me what her true name was, but she liked being called Vikki, and thus I did not ask her about it many times.

The first time that I saw her, I had to pinch myself twice to check whether I was dreaming or not. I was not, and her condition was a living reality.

From the top of her head down to the toes, she was glowing red hot like a piece of burning coal. Her forehead, eyes, mouth, chin, throat, chest, stomach, arms, hips, thighs, knees, and feet were all burning up with that pain. But what's more marvellous is that she was smiling and humming.

I did not let her know that I could see her pain but when I approached her, I sensed that she already knew about my powers. Nevertheless, I broke into speech:

'Hello. How are you doing today? I haven't really seen you around before. Are you new?'

She continued humming and looked at me with a beauty in her eyes that I had never seen anywhere. She smiled shyly and shook her head.

I looked at her curiously and asked: 'What's your name?'

She didn't reply but glanced at me sportingly and grabbed my hand. Then she placed her other hand on it and closed her eyes as if she was trying to sense them. Miraculously, I felt a flow of relief coursing from my back up to the shoulder from where it went to my arms, into my hands and flowed into her hands. But as I looked at her hands, I saw that they had become even redder and when I looked down at my stomach and waist, I saw that they were not yellow anymore as they had been some moments ago, but they were green now, and I felt peaceful and energetic.

'Who are you?' I marvelled at her.

She smiled and said: 'I am Vikki.'

I continued to stare at her with strange kindness in my eyes that even I couldn't understand.

She smiled again and said: 'I know who you are, Aku. I even know your Mother, and her Mother- I know as well. I have known all The Mothers. Thus you can call me Mother if you like.'

A heartache grew in me, one that I had not experienced in decades, and I asked her again: 'Who are you really?'

She gave a gentle laugh and winced as her belly turned red hot due to the motion. Then she said: 'I am The Mother of All. Everything that is alive right now... They are my children. The Sun, The Planets, The Moon, The Sea, The Land, The Mountains, The Plants, The Animals, Birds, and all of you are my children.'

I did not know why but tears started to pour from my eyes like the ones that had come to me when I had cried for the first time.

She smiled and wiped them away with her hands and continued: 'Don't feel hurt Aku. You may think that I am not there for you or that I am far away from you but I am always there. I am always around. I go everywhere and feel everything that all of you are going through. There's not even a single thing that is left out. I feel each and every single thing.'

I was crying now but I recovered from my state and asked her: 'Then why are you in so much pain?'

She looked at me with compassion, and though a grimace appeared on her face, she replaced it with a beautiful smile and said: 'It is because all of you are in pain. Everywhere, in this world, everyone is deeply hurt. You, silly siblings, have ended up hurting each other so many times that now, the pain has become an experience for everyone. I am in pain right now because everyone else is also in pain. All of you are my children, and the things that you feel, I feel as well. Thus, I am in pain.

'But don't you feel bad, Aku. Let me tell you this wonderful thing: Even though there is a lot of pain, there is a lot of healing as well. And for every wound that is formed deep within the heart of a being, there is a flood of light that is ready to fill the scars and heal the hurts through the gifts of time. There is healing and hope for everyone, and not even a single soul is alone.

'I am here for every single one of you, and I will continue to be here until the end of time. You all are my children, and I shall take care of you all no matter how much you fight with one another and hurt one another. For me, all of you are equally important.

'Thus, I shall heal each and every single one of you until there is so much Light that the very planet starts glowing with its radiance. I love you all and will forever be there for you.’

She smiled at me once again and ruffled my hair as The Mother at the Healing Centre used to and I felt like a child once again.

Then she said to me: 'Aku, you have also had a deep healing experience. Why don't you share it with the rest of the world? Have you forgotten already? You should share everything that you have. For years and years, you have travelled and healed people but the story that you have been going through, you have kept that locked inside the chamber of your heart.

Don't keep that chained within O Aku. Share your own story with others. Release The Light that you carry in your heart, and others too will find the courage to release the Light of their Heart. Release your story Aku.'

After that day, I had not seen her again, but she had always been present in my mind, and even as I continued to heal others, I could sense her presence among everything.

Thus, eventually, after I had finished 75 years on this planet, I decided to sit down and do what she had asked of me: I started writing and sharing my story.

Thus, I bring this narrative to you, which is a part of The Book that I am writing. I hope that the strange nature of my adventures has thrown some light on the heart of the matter and in some way enlightened you, and if I must end this story with a message, then to you, I'd say: Release The Light.'

My name is Aku, and this is my story.

By Kumar Shaurya Singh

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