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By Rayaansh Nair

RINGGGGGG! Oh great. My alarm was set at 6:00 A.M again, even though it’s Sunday! I swear I turned it off! Maybe my parents were turning it on again so that I could wake up early… ugh. Well anyways, I’m saying events of the past right now. Something SO EPIC happened during that time that I just HAD to write a book about it! Anyways, I’m Jim! If you picked up this book, then that’s great- you can learn about my AWESOME story! Anyways, continuing… So, I woke up and had my cup of milk. (It was like coffee for me, except it did the exact opposite of coffee at nighttime.) and did my daily routine (which was mainly just fooling around, thinking about things I could make that I was not even remotely skilled enough to do, reading some books, begging my mother for the phone, etc.) and I went to my room to lie down for a while. But then, I saw something CRAZY out my window! “Dad, is that a UFO?” My dad came to the room and said “Don’t be ridiculous- WAIT WHAT IS THAT A UFO?” And the second my neighbors looked out the window, chaos ensued. Everyone was SCREAMING like CRAZY! I got that on recording with my 11-year-old cellphone (Yes, I exaggerated that part) and then the UFO’s just flew away! Dad said “Is this a prank? We need to see the news.” and turns out we weren’t the only one to witness the UFO’s! And then there was a knock on the door. “Ok guys, stay calm, grab whatever you can to defend yourself. And Jim, please let us handle this.” I’ll admit, I was pretty scared. And then… there was some weird slimy mass in our house. Of course, the only possible way to destroy it is to rip it apart, or freeze/burn it (which was not happening by the way). The slime thing said “Hello fellow humans. I am Lianchous Greeny Cartnon Sor and I would like to talk… and have some of your Earth food, of course. We come in peace, and we just want to meet a new species. Our sun would swallow us and our planet if we didn’t come here. So, we came here using the traditional UFO’s. Of course, some of you have tried to capture or kill us… and that didn’t go too well for them. So, avoid doing so.” I asked “Is this real? Please just don’t hurt us...?” Meanwhile, a crowd was forming near our house and they looked like they meant BUISNESS. I was worried that they might attack the slime thing and cause chaos but SOMEHOW Lianchous did something… well I don’t even wanna know what happened, but he (or she? Dunno, are there even genders there?) made them disappear. “Wait. WHAT DID YOU DO?” My mother said. “If you decided to harm them in any way, I don’t care what the consequences are, I will exterminate you.” My dad added. And Lianchous (I need to ask what gender he is soon) said “Calm down… I just sent them back in time. And yes, we’re this advanced now. Cool right?” I couldn’t comprehend what just happened. Noticing my confusion, Lianchous said “Well, I can see you’re tired. Let me and your parents talk alone, ok? And don’t worry, we won’t harm them. I promise.” I went to my room. What just happened? My day had started normal and in the span of like, a few hours, everything…

Everything changed.

Ok, that was way too dramatic.

Now I’m gonna be going for an almost real VR AND AR show of the planet! (REALLY old technology according to Lian, which is my nickname for Lianchous) and also going to meet some of the others. Apparently, a few others have landed, but most are still on the way.

UNFORTUNATELY, I STILL HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL! UGH. No offense, but THERE ARE ALIENS ON THE PLANET, AND I HAVE TO GO TO MATH CLASSES? That “meme” of the math teacher always coming on time is true apparently…

Anyways, I don’t wanna make this too long, I don’t like writing much, so goodbye! Maybe… we can meet? Oh, who am I kidding? There’s like a 0.183018501% chance we will meet… Anyways, bye!

You’re… still reading? Ok fine, I’ll tell you something. Don’t stereotype aliens as green humans with large eyes and a large head that come in UFO’s wanting to dominate the Earth!

Bye! :)

By Rayaansh Nair

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