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Aging With Grace

By Dr Mohini Deshpande

So what is age?

Surely not just a number!

It builds you up as it grows

So wake up from your slumber!

Get ready for life's gamble

Though on the way you may stumble

You should go chase your dream

Get all the way upstream

Be the king of your game

Though not run behind fame

Be as humble as you can be

Cz you're just a drop in the vast sea!

Every now and then

Set a new challenge for the brain

To get into the state of flow

And make your inner strengths glow!

Exercise the body and mind

But not forget to occasionally unwind

Leave all bitterness behind,

All happiness in "today" you'll find!

And when you fail at your dream

Start afresh every single time

With hours and hours of determined effort

That will last you a lifetime!

By Dr Mohini Deshpande

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