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After Those Sharp Edged Words

By Ipsita Banerjee

after those sharp edged words have been filed and kept away for another day i turn to home, the only place i can be myself, naked, shameless and alone. from these four walls dripping showers water washing away wounds and tears i slip in though a side entrance lest i disturb anything else that may be home. the walls

are etched so deep, strong echoes of laughter shared, warmth shattered, fights, indulgences attitudes, tantrums, the faint smell of your cologne, all the plain lives we lived, encircled by your love. my feet tap on the old floor as i peer into the room from where you kept watch, dark and abandoned now, deep, deep in the night, i AM that house. is there any way i can bring you home?

By Ipsita Banerjee

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