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After That Day!

By Purnima Chabria

After that day,

Everyday when you wake up,

Comb your hair nicely,

Apply your favourite lip shade,

Put on your favourite Cologne that made you fall in love with all your scars previously,

When you still try to digest what happened was not a bad dream but a worse reality,

Every that moment,

You need to start giving yourself second chance,

Second chance to love,

To be loved by someone equally,

To break into pieces,

To mend all of them.

Everyday when you wake up and put on that little smile on your face,

You give the universe the ultimatum that no matter what,

You will continue to believe in forever,

No matter what you will continue to love,

No matter what you won't stop giving all the essence of lessons that have contained in you in all these years.

Everyday when you hug the people you love,

Your tears start to roll on,

Not proving how weak you have been,

Proving how much strength you have had to love and love and love and still you wish to do that for the rest of your life.

Everyday when you listen to that one song,

You remind your heart,

Hurt came out of expectation,

Not out of someone's fault,

You remind your heart,

It is supposed to love,

Not expect anything out of it.

Everyday when you pray,

You pray of love,

You pray of life,

You pray no one hurts themselves out of expectations as you did.

You pray everyone gets their equal part of love back that they deserve.

After that day,

Everyday when you get up,

Comb your hair nicely,

Apply your favourite lip shade,

Put your favourite Cologne,

You got to give yourself a second chance.

It's not about them,

It's more of you now.

By Purnima Chabria

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