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Updated: Jun 1

By Vedananda M D

There was a Village called Junglepur, As the name suggests it is a Village fully surrounded with Forest. The trees appeared no different from any other trees in the village, they are tall and green. Birds sing from the branches as though to welcome us to this story. Beyond the trees is darkness, sunlight forbidden to pass through the canopy as it endangers the creatures below.

The People in the Junglepur were civilised in their own traditions and Customs. On Every Full moon day , they were giving a special tribute the Forest God. They never worried to come out of that forest. They never disobeyed the words of Ajjayya, who was the Senior Leader of that Forest. They were not allowing any foreigners inside the Forest and the forest was guarded with 8 Men’s of Junglepur.

All of a sudden Government got a hint about Junglepur they thought to civilise them so the government called an immediate meeting of forest officer of that area (He never tried to enter the Village) , Forest Minister , Education Minister , PWD minister, Transport Minister and Home Minister to that meeting. Finally they decided to Construct a Road to that village and even they thought to Construct School and Homes to them but the main question was how to enter the forest, Finally they made a Task force team and they had been sent to Forest.

Officers made a deliberate attempt to enter the forest, but they could not able to do it as the Guards warned them. While talking to them the officers noticed that before constructing Roads, Homes and giving Electricity to that village , Schools should be started there. So finally they went in empty hands.

(The main idea of constructing school first was just because if they get some amount of idea about the society automatically all the Infrastructure can be easily installed there)

Now , the government got a very big headache how to enter the Forest and how to Educate them. One person in a taskforce team gave an idea of sending Police force it was primarily rejected by the Chief Minister. Finally the Education Minister gave a hint of sending Children to that Forest. It was a very good move and it was accepted.

The Government selected 8 brilliant Children to get succeeded in it’s idea. All the Children had been sent to Forest . They saw 8 Men who were standing at the entrance of the Forest after seeing them they started crying , they acted that they did not eat anything from past 3days. The Guard near the entrance asked them “ Who are you all? Why are you here? Get Lost from here” . After hearing to those words

those Children felt afraid of them but they never lost the hope . One boy pleaded them to give food and shelter and he also told them that they were orphans.

After seeing their innocent faces, they allowed them inside the forest and they were sent to talk with Ajjayya. Ajjayya was very kind hearted person. He agreed them to stay in the Forest. He also afforded them a Hut and One lady servant to serve them. First they tried to mingle with the kids of Forest, Initially they took some time but later the task became very easy for them. They started teaching Hindi Alphabet to them. The Kids of the Forest were Happy in Learning Process. While teaching the alphabet they were also trying to stress the importance of Education to them.

The Kids of the Forest were talking about having school in their village but it was not an easy task as they thought it is against to their customs but one day all the people of Junglepur assembled under the Banyan tree . The outside kids they did not know, Why they had assembled there. One servant of Ajjayya asked those children to come there. They went merrily, Ajjayya was sitting on Throne which was made with Sandlewood tree. Ajjayya asked them “Tell me , Who are you all? I got to know that you are all trying to change the customs of our Kids?

The Children felt scared, but they had answer now. One Boy bravely said , “ We came here to bring School to this Village”. After hearing to the statements the villagers tried to him but Ajjayya stopped them. The Junglepur kids were also stood their City Friends. Junglepur kids demanded Ajjayya that school to be constructed there and they also told them , If the school is not constructed there , that they would go city with their Friends. Ajjayya was in tricky situation, later one after the other the Villagers said “ We want School” , “We need school” , “ My son will go school”. Ajjayya finally came to the decision of constructing school there.

Government had sent huge amount of labourers there but Ajjayya told we don’t want these many labours because We are here to assist them. Government Appreciated the efforts of Children and also gave Rewards to them.

“Age in just a number. It carries no weight. The real weight is in impacts.

By Vedananda M D

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