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Admire Your Work

By Mohit Khandelwal

One of the famous idioms which are rightly proves for today’s generation is that “The grass is always greener on the other side”. That means we are always keen to show interest in someone else’s life. We feel happy or jealous according to someone else’s failure or achievement. What about our happiness or success. Does it really depend on outsiders? My answer is a big No. We all know very well that there is nothing permanent in this world, not you nor your dreams nor your health neither your life. But still we are running towards achieving growth. The definition of Growth differs person to person. As the picture shown above depicts that everyone’s growth looks different. It means instead of looking at other people’s growth or achievement we should focus on our work. We should admire, respect our work to reach our destined level. Let me tell you a story about how to admire your work for your growth. This story has 2 characters Sara & Sahil, both of them having different upbringings. One was from a rich background & other was from a poor background.

Story starts with a girl named Sara. Sara was a daughter of a billionaire dad. She was born with a golden spoon. Her father always taught her the difference between poor and rich. From childhood, her father told that poor people are our slaves. She was taught that they are rich and they are here to rule over the poor. They had lots of people working for them, for their organization. But Sara was an ambitious girl she didn’t want to join her dad’s business. She wanted to make her own identity and prove her abilities in front of the world. Sara was rich so many companies offered jobs to her. She got a job in “Live your Dreams” a top class MNC. She joined this organization as a Top Management where she was dominating each and every worker of the company. Staff of the company was unhappy with her dominating and rude behavior. No one was interested in working with her but to feed the Stomach of their families they all were forced to work under her dominance. But as we all know this type of dominating nature doesn’t last forever. Everyone has their own patience level and now the staff members have lost that and went on a Strike and the organization was forced to fire her. She lost her job.

On the contrary Sahil was a poor guy but meritorious student who knew the moral values and weighed every person with the same scale. Sahil’s father always told him that don’t focus on other’s work, just admire your work so that you can learn from your mistakes and keep on growing. He tied a knot of his father’s word and kept admiring his work always. Sahil was not able to get his job due to his torn clothes and poor family background. He was still trying for a job to feed his family. One fine day he came to know about a job of Gardener in “Live your Dreams” Organization. He applied for this job and after a few rounds of interview he got selected. Sahil was happy that finally he will earn money and feed his family and carry all the responsibilities of family on his shoulders.

He started his work with determination and hard work. After completion of one month as a gardener he wanted to evaluate his work. He thought that let me ask my employer whether he is satisfied with my work or not. So, he decided to call his employer.

Sahil: Hello Sir, I am Roshesh (Name changed). I came across to know that you are searching for a gardener.

Employer: Hello Roshesh, You heard it right but that vacancy is already filled. I have hired Sahil and he is very much determined in his work. So I don’t need anyone now.

Sahil: Ok sir, in case you want to change your gardener than please let me know.

Employer: Yeah, of course

Sahil was happy that his employer liked his work that means he is on right direction

Again after one month he again wanted to judge his performance so he followed the same method of evaluation again.

Sahil: Hello Sir, I am Indu (Name changed). Is there any vacancy for a Gardener in your organization?

Employer: Hello Indu, No we don’t need any person as the vacancy is already fulfilled

Sahil: Ok Sir, but if you are interested in changing your Gardener then you can call me, I’ll give additional facilities like I can drive car also and I can do various odd jobs for you on same salary which you are paying to your current gardener

Employer: Indu your idea is fine. But our Gardener is very much passionate and focused in his work that’s why we need not require another person for the job.

Sahil: Ok sir, thank you for your time

Sahil was happy again that his employer liked his work. Sahil thought if I’ll do my work with such honesty then one day I’ll grow and achieve my dreams.

Month after month he kept on evaluating his performance by following the same method.

Sahil: Hello Sir, I am Indu (Name changed). Is there any vacancy for a Gardener in your organization?

Employer: Hello Indu, No we don’t need any person as the vacancy is already fulfilled. I already told you that in our previous conversation

Sahil: Yeah Sir, but this time I have an additional offer for you along with the additional facilities. I am ready to work at a lesser salary which you are paying to your current gardener

Employer: Indu I appreciate your ideas. But still I can’t help it because the reason is same which I have already told you.

Sahil: Ok sir, thank you for your time again.

Sahil was happy and shocked as after giving so much avarice greed his employer was happy with his work.

Sara was keeping an eye on Sahil from starting. Sara met Sahil thereafter and they had following conversation

Sara: Hello Sahil

Sahil: Hello

Sara: I am a Daughter of Mr. Richie Rich. He is a billionaire. And I was previously working with Live your Dreams organization but they fired me. And I am continuously watching you. You make a call to your employer and ask for replacement. Why are you doing this?

Sahil: Dear ma’am, I am a poor guy. I was a brilliant student but due to my not so good family background in terms of money, I was not selected in any organization for a higher post. I got this job with so much effort and I don’t want to lose it. So I keep on trying to get if my employer is satisfied with my work. My father told me that, always admire your work. No one is going to do it for you. Do your best to make others happy.

Sara: Thanks Sahil for teaching me a lesson. Now, I have realized that respect comes from work not from your birth. If you are willing to work with my dad I can talk about you.

Sahil: Thanks a lot. I’ll definitely work and will prove myself there also.

Now the thing which this story teaches us is that Growth doesn’t depend on how much rich or poor you are, it depends on the work which you perform for others. Respect your work and feel proud of what you are doing. Always compare yourself with yourself that will only bring the positive changes in you. Admiring your work is a victory, rest is history.


By Mohit Khandelwal

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