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By Lakshita rathi

By Lakshita rathi

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By Prerna Introvert ki taraf se extrovert ke liye Extrovert, extrovert, extrovert hmmm, Bhai bhut Bolte hai , Itna kaise bolte hai Kabhi kabhi to kuch bhi bolte Sirf bolte hai ,ya kuch soachte bhi ha

By Prerna Where I am going I don’t know Where I am taking my life I don’t know What is happening I don’t know What should I don’t know What is right or wrong I don’t know What will happen don’t know

By Vedashree B N How we grow up to grow old, Changing seasons, we're told, Does it last, Does it pause, Is it forever, Just to disappear. Soak it in, while it lasts. What are time machines After all?

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