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Abandoned Castle

By Yashika Vashisht

Explore the ruins of an abandoned castle under the obscure glow of a lantern,

Transform the abandoned castle into an elegant pattern;

Remember the castle like a poet remembers their muse,

Do it softly and graciously, please don’t refuse.

The castle has been living under gray clouds all these years,

Please be its sunshine and listen to the thoughts designed for no one else’s but your ears;

Perhaps if you fail, do leave your fragments there,

Let the castle live under the darkness of love even if you don’t care.

The castle loves you with a maddening hunger,

Shortly looking at the sky only made it wonder;

Why doesn’t it love itself without you?

Why does it soak it’s poems into every thought of you?

The castle is prepared to love the whole world so please understand it,

Please don’t let its pain turn into hate, please don’t leave it stranded;

Here i am on my knee again, asking for you to come someday,

And darling, I think I made a really bad decision about love today.

By Yashika Vashisht

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