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By Akshay Joshi

dkQ+h nsj ls eSa mls fugkj jgk Fkk

dqN Hkh vyx ugÈ Fkk

uk ml fnu esa

uk ml esa

gk¡] ,d Q+dZ t+:j Fkk

ml fnu ge brus djhc vk x, Fks

fd mldh xeZ lk¡lksa ls

eSa viuh lnZ gFksfy;ksa dks rkius yxk Fkk

dkQ+h fnuksa dh vucu lqy>kus ds ckn

eSa fQj ls mldh [k+q'cw esa my>us yxk Fkk

oks esjh lcls ilanhnk [k+q'cw Fkh

ckrksa ckrksa esa gekjs dne

mlh txg ij tk Fkes

tgk¡ ij igyh ckj

gekjh eqykdkr gqà Fkh

tgk¡ ij igyh ckj

eSaus mldk gkFk Fkkek Fkk

bYe gh ugÈ gqvk

fd blh txg ij

gekjh vkf[kjh eqykdkr Hkh gksxh

oks cq>k lk eq¡g ysdj

okil tk gh jgh Fkh

fd eSaus mldk gkFk Fkke fy;k

ml Fkes gq, iy esa

dqN lk¡lsa vHkh ck¡dh Fkh

dqN ckrsa Hkh

vHkh ck¡dh Fkh

eSaus g¡l dj

ml ls mldk bjknk iwNk

vkSj mlus dl dj

eq>s xys ls yxk fy;k

mldh ck¡gksa esa fyiVs

ml yEgs esa

iwjh d++k;ukr esa

flQ+Z eSa Fkk

flQ+Z oks Fkh

vkSj ml vkf[k+jh yEgs esa

mldh lk¡ls


flQ+Z esjh Fkh

dqN ,slh Fkh oks

esjh vkf[k+jh flxjsVA

By Akshay Joshi

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