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A Toy I Have Had With Me Since Forever

By Manha Choudhary

The toy I have had forever is my stuff dog ‘Puchu’, now I know that’s a weird name but it has a story behind it, before my mother started working grandparents got a Doberman puppy, and named him ‘fury’, another weird name, that’s because the Doberman dog breed is known to be quite ferocious breed, on the contrary he was a lovable and loving, he was a exceptionally sweet dog, his name didn’t suit him, so, they fondly started calling him Puchu. Years passed …he made his place in not only home but also in heart of everyone.

With his exceptional sense he would sense the arrival of family member or guests and greeted accordingly …… with loving wag of tail or warning woof woof.. My mom and puchu were inseparable. He even participated in dog show and won best dog in breed award..thrice winning gold medal When my mother got married, she had to shift in Singapore from India; they both missed each other beyond limit , that took toll on Puchu’s health…he wouldn’t eat properly . Few months later he fell down and hurt himself badly, he was in agonising pain even after being treated by eminent vets. later, after few months, at the age of 13,Puchu left the world, I wasn’t even born till then, and as my mother was still in Singapore and my maternal grandparent knew that mum was way too attached to him they didn’t tell her about Puchu’s demise, when she later got to know about him she was devastated, and in his remembrance, she got a stuff dog and named him puchu, and when she shifted to India, she always kept him close to her heart, and then I was very little my mother used to tell me stories of the real dog fury and herself and portrayed him as fury. When I was about 4 years old, she gave it to me, I used to play with it all the time, and we became inseparable he was by my side when I started sleeping alone, till date I sleep with him, I talk to him rather chat with him constantly, keep him close to my heart and love him with all my heart.

By Manha Choudhary

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