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A Sparkle Of Life

By Atika Khan


Life begins at birth and ends only upon death. However, between these two phases, we go through a myriad of moments that can often be life-changing. Life is meant to be spent with love and compassion in our hearts to attain its fullest potential. Knowing our purpose in life plays a crucial role in moulding our present and the future to our best interests possible. We as a part of the most intelligent being on the planet had the privilege of living through centuries without going extinct like in the case of dinosaurs. This has to mean something.

Moments above materialistic things

One of the most important aspects of life is not just to become rich, famous, powerful, and successful but to strive towards making our life the best example for others to live by. To quote Mae West, “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.” Life should not be about love for materialistic things which are not marked by permanency. Life is about living in the moments with our near and dear ones, be it family, friends, or life partners. Having an optimistic attitude towards life is something that will be carried on for generations together starting with our offspring. The younger generation is more akin to learn about the things that they very often see happening around them.

Empathy and Kindness

Empathy is an element of life that deserves the utmost attention. Being empathetic in life means having the ability to understand the magnitude of pain experienced by others without being judgmental about their situation. Sympathy on the other hand implies the ability to feel pity for another person’s misfortunes which are shallow in itself. In life, we should try our best to imbibe in ourselves and teach others the importance of empathy and not sympathy.

To quote late singer Avicii, “One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.” As we all know death is inevitable and even people with all the money in this world cannot escape it. It’s a stark reality that needs to be accepted to live a life free from fear of death. Being kind is a quality that can survive even after death. People may forget the things you have done in this life but they will never forget how your act of kindness made them feel. It’s something that stays with people forever irrespective of the recipient of kindness being a stranger.

Concluding remarks

Life is not a bed of roses so we need to move away from that utopia and look for silver linings amidst any form of chaos and upheaval. Problems are a part of life and hence we need to work towards creating solutions for the same instead of running away from them. It should be our goal in life to learn from our failures and rejections instead of moping around. Life is supposed to be experienced for the good and the bad and not just for one of them selectively. We have to make peace with the fact that life is not just about surviving but living the best meaningful life without any shred of regret whatsoever. Happiness and sadness need to be accepted as the two sides of the same coin and hence both are important in life. To live a fulfilled and satisfying life we need to think beyond our mundane lifestyle of eating, work and sleep and instead aspire to attain the highest spiritual realm through meditation and yoga.

By Atika Khan

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