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A Road to Success

By Simran Thakur

Late night, a man enters the door and says, "woosh..." at her back.

Samaira. "Dad," says surprisingly.

Both starts laughing.

Mr. Rana. "Again, working in midnight. I told you many times, do it all at noontime. You do not listen to me," concern.

Samaira. "Okay, next time," says quickly. For now, how is it?

Mr. Rana. Beautiful as always.

Samaira. "Dad, why are you lying always," says irritatedly. After many tries, still, I fail to draw these mountains perfectly.

Mr. Rana. "No, it is perfect." says confidently.

Samaira. Dad, when will you take my passion seriously? "You will feel proud one day when my creations come in exhibitions," says confidently.

Mr. Rana. "Why are you spoiling your mood for some colours." Why do you want to spoil your life in that field where no future exists. We have our family business, and we earn very much money with that.

Samaira. "Dad, it's my life. I follow my passion, not for money but my happiness," says honestly.

Mr. Rana. You don't know how hard here to make a different identity.

Samaira. "I have faith in my talent," says confidently.

Mr. Rana. Hmmm Okay. Now it is very late. So, stop this all and go for asleep.

Samaira: I listen to you now, but remember my words.

Mr. Rana smiled.

Mr. Rana tries to touch the painting, which Samaira says, "Don't touch."

Mr. Rana. ufff, fine.

Samaira. Good night, Dad.

Mr. Rana. Sweet dream, kid.

The wintry morning, December comes with the winter in the Auli of Uttarakhand state. Here in the cold season, the earth resembles heaven. The sun rises behind the high rugged mountains. The ray penetrates the glass window of Samaira and works as an alarm for her. The warmness of sunshine softly touches her face to take her out from the nap.

Samaira can sense the presence of it. She slowly opens her eyes and wakes up to observe the magical view of the outside. She opens her window. Her first sight stuck on the mountains, which are spreading thousands of meters away. The blanket of ice holds them all in their arms. The orange ray of the sun touches the peak of the mountains and make it beautiful. The cold wind coming from the forest is refreshing. Many lives are playing and flying there.

For the last few days, Samaira tried to paint the same scenery but, she always thinks she is not doing justice with the beauty of rocks. Her dream is to make perfect scenery of this landscape.

She continuously looks outside in which her mother calls.

Mrs. Rana. Come fast, dear. It's family time. Today is Sunday, and we all have breakfast together.

Samaira. "Yes, Mom. I am there in a minute," says energetically.

Samaira is the only child of its parents and pampered too. She is seventeen years old, and an Artist is living inside her. Samaira is from a well-to-do family. Her father, Mr. Sumeet Rana, and her mother, Mrs. Kriti Rana, manage their family business. They also have a resort in Auli that earns lakhs of money in a month. But Samaira is not a bit interested in the family business. She wants to make herself a painter, an artist who win thousands of hearts with their creations.

Samaira has faith that one day her family will understand her. They will support her to grow with it. This thing always creates a dilemma in her "How does she will explain to parents?" So that, they also happily accept her passion. The teenage period always is a dilemma age.

On breakfast,

Mr. Rana. Come fast, dear.

Samaira. Good morning, all. Hurray! It's family time.

Mrs. Rana. So, let's have some breakfast.

Mr. Rana. Samaira, tomorrow we are going for some work so, you also have to join us to understand the family business.

Mrs. Rana. Yes, Dear. It is a time in which you will learn new things.

Samaira. "Mom, please. I am not interested in it," upset.

Mr. Rana. We listen to you and never stop you to paint. Now, you have to listen to our advice. There is no scope in the colours and paint world.

Mrs. Rana. "End it. You come with us," angry.

Samaira. "No. Please trust me. I can prove myself on behalf of my talent. I have faith in my creations," requesting.

Mr. Rana: That's enough. You come with us, that's it.

Samaira leaves the table angrily and runs towards its room. She starts crying hard. She tries many times, but every time, disappointment meets her. She feels she will run from the house and make their career in another place. "Nobody understands her" this thing makes a home in her brain. She becomes very negative about her dream and decides to take a big step for herself. She decides to run away from the house because no one has care at all.

When one day her parents were not in the home. She packs her luggage and is ready to leave.

When Samaira reached the door, she asked herself, "What are you doing?" "Is these you want?" She says to herself, "You have loving parents, try to talk with them with the whole heart. You have to be the reason for pride, not the guilt. Stop it now, stop it."

Samaira felt she was going to take the wrong step. At that moment, she takes a mature decision to talk with her parents.

After a month, one night. Samaira goes to Mr. and Mrs. Rana's room with three paintings. With all her love, she tried to put life in her creation. She drew the happiest moment of the family spent together. She has readied paintings with all faith.

Samaira knocks on the door.

Mr. Rana. Yes, come.

Samaira. Mom, dad. I want to show you something.

Mrs. Rana. Yes, dear.

Samaira put them one by one in front of her parents. Her paintings looked real, perfect in every way. She says from depth, " I want those happiest moments back. I know I nicely paint it. I can see on your face that my message reaches you. I need you both in my life; I can't leave you anyhow. But that's also true am not born for business. Still, you do not believe me; I am ready to join you, Mom, Dad. I can't be arguing with you anymore. After today, I don't want to live in a dilemma of two things. I am ready to leave my colourful world right now. I drew my last painting for you both," says sadly.

The whole room has a pin drop silence.

Mr. and Mrs. Rana looks at each other and carries those painting within their hands. Anyone can see the happiness and proudness on the face of both.

Mrs. Rana. So, have you found any exhibitions for these perfections?

Samaira. "Mom," surprisingly.

Mr. Rana. But I already found it.

Parent always wants to see their children happy. A month ago, when Samaira was lonely. Mr. and Mrs. Rana felt that, and they decided a month ago to accept her passion. But Samaira comes to talk with them herself. This thing touches the heart of her parents.

Now everyone is satisfied, and Samaira is working hard for their dreams.

By Simran Thakur

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