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A New Home

By Prathamesh Makwana

Around 3050, Earth was on the edge of apocalypse due to mass pollution and Global Warming. All the world leaders were in trouble thinking about what to do next!! Finally, after great discussion, the leaders came up with the idea of abandoning EARTH and leave in search for another habitable planet to save the human race. The World leaders announced this to the media that all families should move into their individual spacecrafts and get going. As soon as this announcement was made, Global Migration arised and Earth was abandoned. High the spacecrafts flew and everyone's individual spacecraft started to land on different planets.

Here comes the Andrew family who got landed on a strange and creepy planet. The whole family was scared to move out of the spacecraft and decided to stay inside. 24 days had passed; the family was surviving because of the food pills stocked in the spacecraft. But Steve, the younger son was fed up staying in spaceship and then......................

STEVE : MOM , DAD ! I am tired of staying here. I want to get out and explore where we are! I can't spend my whole life in this spacecraft.

EMMA : But son, we are stranded on a strange creepy planet, we don't know what creatures may lurk out there. Your life will be in danger if you leave.

RALPH: Mom's right Steve, try to understand!

STEVE : But I want to go, Please!

EMMA: NO! You aren't going anywhere, STAY QUIET !

STEVE: [Frustratedly] But why are you guys so scared to let me out?!!

ANDREW : Because we care for you son!!!

STEVE: If you guys really cared for me, and everyone on EARTH really cared for their children, then you guys would have protected EARTH, but you are the ones who destroyed it. So why are you guys so scared to let me out then? We even have so powerful space guns! If any creature comes across, we could get rid of it like it's an insect. Please, don't worry!

ANDREW: How do you expect us not to Worry? We are worried because we are scared of losing you. After the devastations we saw on EARTH, we don't want to lose you like we lost EARTH.

STEVE : OK Fine, Stop being emotional mom!! I'll stay!!

On the same night, when everybody was asleep, Steve wore his spacesuit and went towards the drawer to get some guns for safety. But the drawer was protected and only ANDREW knew the password. So, he dropped the idea of taking guns and hushingly went out of the spaceship. He thought he had escaped , But No! Ralph saw him leaving . Steve ventured around searching for other people or maybe aliens. But unfortunately, he slipped into a deep hole and was hanging by it’s edges, struggling to come out as his grip on the rock was getting weaker every moment.

Steve had lost all his hopes of coming out but he heard footsteps of someone approaching him. A hand appeared and Steve was pulled up.

STEVE : Thank God!! Ralph, My Saviour!!! It's you!!

RALPH : Steve, do you realize now? Why Mom and Dad didn't want you to venture out!!!

STEVE : Yeah, this place is too creepy and dangerous. But yet, I'll choose to face danger over staying in a round house forever!!

RALPH : I can't argue with you Steve! It's useless. You have always been doing what feels best only for you and not others! Just do what you wish to do!!

STEVE: Thanks for backing off ! I wish Mom and Dad would've done the same, because if they did, at least I would not have left unsaid. Whatever!.. But Um....May I ask how did you find me ??

RALPH : All our spacesuits are embedded with trackers Steve , it was very easy to track you.

Before Steve could react, both of them were surrounded by strange human like creatures and all of them were slowly coming closer.

RALPH: (frightened) Hey Steve, you see those strange creatures surrounding us? They are coming towards us. What shall we do?

STEVE : (Sarcastically) Yeah, these one eyed aliens with strange tattoos all over their body. I haven't heard of Tribal Aliens yet.... have you Ralph?

(Steve bursts out laughing)

RALPH : [ Frightened, and also bit angry]

It's not funny at all Steve!! What if they make us slaves, beat us up or even worse, fry us and eat us !!

STEVE: See now! You're the one cracking lame jokes and you expect me to be serious !? What if they're friendly ? What If they have no intention to harm ? Come on , think optimistically and we'll get through this.

RALPH: I'm not cracking any joke! I'm damn serious and also scared. How do you expect me to think positively when we're approached by fierce aliens and we've no idea what they're up to! What if they..........

[ At that moment, from somewhere, a net drops and Ralph and Steve get entangled into it and were being dragged by the aliens ]

STEVE : Oh No! Now this is getting really scary!

RALPH : I told you this earlier!! This isn't funny!! You know what Steve?? You should've stayed in the spacecraft.!!

STEVE:(Regretfully) Yeah, I should've stayed. But let the bygones be bygones!!! Let's focus on what should be done now !

RALPH : I don't know what to do! Wait.......! Maybe if we could just tear up the net and run back to the spacecraft!. What do you think?

STEVE : Really ?..This is your idea ? Just run back where I ran from? Look Around Brother !! We are just two and they are many. They'll catch us instantly !

RALPH : Yeah ! That's my idea! Have you got anything better than this?

STEVE : No , Not at the moment but um....let's think of someth......

RALPH: (Prompting in between ) We have to try this! That's the only thing we could do! Let's just try once.

STEVE : Uh Ok! On the count of 3....

1......2.......3 ...TEAR !!!!!

Both tried to tear the net but their efforts went in vain

The aliens stopped at a certain point and threw Ralph and Steve in a cage, where already two other humans were locked, and then they left..

RALPH : Now what STEVE!? We are locked!!

STEVE: Yeah Ralph! I can see that we are held captive!! But what exactly is this place??!

STRANGER 1 : [Sobbing]

This is kind of an alien village!

STEVE : Oh I see ! Um... May I ask how you guys landed here and why do you guys seem grieve stricken??

STRANGER 2 :[Sadly, with teary eyes]

Some weeks ago we landed here. We resided in the spacecraft for a while, then we thought to venture out and explore. So, we all left the spacecraft and realised that this is an alien inhabitant planet and these aliens here are too ruthless .They kill in various ways for fun . We are sad because both our sons were killed by them and we might be their next prey !!

RALPH : What !!! Means we all are going to die!!!

All because of you Steve!!!!

STEVE : (Angrily, raising his voice) Hey! I didn't ask you to follow my back. You yourself got dumped into this situation!! Don't blame me!!

RALPH: Don't forget I saved your life! If I wouldn't have followed you, your body would have been lying there in that deep dark hole at this moment !

STEVE : Yeah, I am grateful for that, Now you don’t have to keep me reminding of that incident ! Already I'm ..........I'm regretting about my decision of leaving.

[An alien comes and drags STRANGER 1 outside the cage]

STRANGER 2 : Hey!! Leave my husband ! Leave him !! Leave him !! Please !! [Starts pleading and sobbing]

To everyone's astonishment , a bullet came and penetrated through the alien's body. The bullet was shot by Andrew. But unfortunately, the thunderous sound of gunfire caught the attention of all the aliens and all of them got surrounded by the aliens. Emma broke opened the cage, freed

everyone and handed over the space guns they carried with them. One by one, after few minutes of massive gunfire, each and every alien that surrounded the family was killed and everyone's life was saved.

Emma : [ To both her sons joyously]

Thank God !! You both are safe! I was so worried about you!!

RALPH : Mom! I missed you so much! For a moment, I thought I'd never see you again. EMMA : Missed you too son !

STEVE: I'm glad to see you again mom.!!!

Emma : Me too Steve. But do you understand now ? Why I wasn't permitting you to venture out!!..But you never pay heed to me !!

STEVE: Arghh!! Here comes the taunting !!!

Mom! I agree whatever I did was risky. But now, we can live freely on this planet.... No more space arrest to bear!!

EMMA: Same old Steve ! I don't know what shall I do of you!!

ANDREW : Alright family , enough emotional drama! I don't think these were the only aliens on this planet. There may be more out there.

STEVE : Hooo-hah!! Let's kill 'em all and get this planet under our control. I'll be the King of this planet and........and Ralph my courtier!

[ Everyone bursts out laughing ]

2 weeks passed , This team of space invaders had killed every alien on the planet and were roaming freely . They sent signals to other humans and gathered every human on the planet and established a new home for the human race....... EARTH II !!!

By Prathamesh Makwana

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