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A Molten World

By Eshan Ray

2019, Weighnbourg, Jacksonville: In a world hidden away in the darkness known to have many names Jalsunegh, Mentura but the most famous being molten world. It’s quite the opposite of our universe. Some say it is the anti-universe where nothing but darkness resides, a place so sacred, uninhabitable and dark not even light reaches its walls. At least this is what they used to say, but today me Jack Hallander and Cherring Hallander are going to make history, by going to find the world and prove its existence.

When we were little, our mother gave us a book, each of us a different one. At first, I thought that it was just a normal one, but a few days ago we threw them on top of each other and when the suns light reflected it showed a map and a message from mom it which read…

“Cherring and Jack, me and your father have kept a huge secret from you, we Hallanders have had a sacred task given to us by Athena herself, and that task is to find the molten world and finish what she started. We have been entrusted with this honour and I now pass it to you”

It’s quite a heart-warming message from her. Okay enough about the message, Cherring let’s look at the map. Look! it shows that the island on which the portal is supposedly located in the devil’s triangle! Okay Jack I don’t have a Deathwish. Cherring it goes through the triangle but then just stops. That means the path is under water, but how exactly do we get to the path if it is completely submerged? I think that we should rummage through the things that mom gave us maybe we can find something of use. Sure but we should probably call Adam in case we find some loose parts that sounds good you can call him while I look through the stuff. I looked through the stuff while you were calling Adam and I found this. Cherring what is that? Not a clue. Wait a second doesn’t that resemble a telescope lens? It sort of does, Cherring mom gave us a golden telescope on our fifth birthday but it was empty right? Exactly, if we fit the lens on to the telescope it may just help us reach our destination. And mom stuck it to the back of the book to so we don’t have any problem finding it, true we can do this. *ding* wait, looks like Adam is here he can help us fit it in. Sounds good. Why did you call me Cherring *grunts* I think you may need some caffeine in you. I have not slept for the better part of 2 days. Well, sounds reasonable this is what

happens when you read craftsmanship books every day for eight years. Can we finally get to the very normal real-not real island please. Yes, finally the topic. Adam, we need you to fix this lens into that scope thing . Are you stupid, how am I supposed to fit a lens twenty times bigger than the scope itself? I can help. Who said that?(in unison)hey ,up here. Yes, which bed were we sleeping in again? You don’t need to be so surprised I am Yushiro the god of the hallanders or ghost either one. But I can shrink matter, I am a wizard. But they are a myth right .You have seen a ghost do you think anything is real? He has got a point there. So can you just do it please? Okay, nlghrl mthli! he chants, well that makes stuff a lot easier now I can fit it in. And done. Well, it doesn’t really do anything for us right now . But it will I hope at least well now we should probably book a flight to Japan. Already done! but how did you know where we were going. Umm, heard it while you were talking(chuckles nervously). Okay, strange. And where did that thing go behind you. WHAT, do you have no sense of mind! Not really, I’m a ghost don’t you remember? Okay this is normal. Can we go please, yes probably we are going to be late it is a 45 minute drive and flight is in 1 hour.

*At the airport*

Let’s go, not you though mister ghost thing. Doesn’t hurt I can fly at the speed of sound. Okay. We should line up . BEEP, okay we can go.

*In Japan*

We have reached Japan ! Well, I would rather die than listen him babble on Japan. Okay ,okay I will stop .Can I sleep, please Jack I beg you. Fine. *the next morning* where is Jack? And Adam? What is that note?

One may have died to stupidity of mind but another will die at the hands of my lord

-Adam Skull crusher

Adam killed jack and he is the Skull crusher

Who is this Skull crusher Cherring? The skull crusher is the head of the skull clan every two million years another is born they who inherit this have a usual life span of about ten million years they are the gods of combat looks like Jack did something useful for us he also stabbed Adam that’s also true and is currently starting a space drift apparently what! but where are we going my brother just died to a skull crushing once a friend, madman and you are casual. He isn’t dead Cherring he is just sealed in the god realm if he passes god’s judgement than he will be back as the god of what he is best at .Little more reassuring but still. Wait are we on the island seems like my magical compass is never wrong . Wait You have a magic compass? Again, yes, I do have one . Wait! I am getting a vision . Jack killed Adam but couldn’t go past the gods. He is in the spirit realm. Then you are in luck, you will be meeting him soon what! Adam! Jack! Now. What! But you are dead. I knew you would betray us because the hallanders never had a god or ghost they just had king and queen. But then how did the space drift happen ,don’t tell me you are…Warlocks that is what we are. We knew you were there all along there is no secret realm or world it is all a lie and to make it less painful we will seal you with the same seal you used on our parents, and yes, we know you sealed our parents. SHINIGAMI emerge from the deep. THIS WILL NOT FINISH ME YOU MAGICAL KIDS or what was it warlocks!

By Eshan Ray

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