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A Lover's Confession

By Hiya Chatterjee


My dearest non-lover,

If you are reading this it means that I am already dead.I don’t really know what to say. I just don’t get you. So, I don’t really know what you think about me, what you will think about me after reading this. Therefore, I'll just write what I think about you and how I feel about you. At first, when I met you, I thought who on earth was this girl?! She was totally scary ! Well that thought was wrong. Little by little, you started to show your soft side. Whenever I am with you I feel safe, I feel grateful to meet you, I feel........ happy ☺️. When we were in high school, we were inseparable. I thought maybe because we were best friends. But you weren’t the only best friend I got. The others never made me feel the thing that I felt when I was around you. When we got to 7th grade, I found out what that feeling was. When our friends made you admit that you got a crush on one of the popular boys, I felt something. I felt like crying aloud or I wanted to punch him in the face right at that moment. Yes, you are right. I, Crystal Arcadia was jealous. And, at that moment I found out that I had fallen for you. And I fell hard. You said in your letters that you love me more than anyone. More than yourself. But in 9th grade you clearly clarified that it was platonic love. I said, " I know. " But inside, I was a broken mess. I just wanted to end my life but I thought, will you even cry? Would you ever think about this girl who fell for her best friend? You might wonder why I am saying this. Because one moment you act like you are my lover, the next moment you act like my best friend. Anyway, I have wasted a lot of your time. I think you are probably disgusted by this letter. So, you can just tear it apart or do whatever you want to. Just know that your ex-best friend will love you always from wherever she is. Take care of yourself.


Crystal Arcadia

I break down into tears after reading this. If I wasn’t a scaredy-cat then she would be alive. Why didn't I tell her that I loved her more than a friend? Why?.....

By Hiya Chatterjee

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