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A Lockdown Tale

By Avanthika P Satheesan

On a Sunday evening, I sit by the window

Enjoying my cup of tea.

I see the street lights that glow

And I feel the winds that blow.

I see a pleasant sea with playful waves moving in and out,

And I see the gradient sky teeming with joyful birds that cry loud.

I see the nature at its best happy and delighted,

With lest of worries to weep upon.

I wish I could be them.

But no I can’t.

The nature is taking its turn,

To revive and rejoice what is the new found freedom.

The air is meditating in its new freedom,

While the trees are breathing in its new freedom.

Once the civilized creatures took them down to feet,

And crushed them down to last of their heart beat.

They had enjoyed enough of it and had destroyed most of it.

Stuck in the lockdown are the ‘civilized creatures ‘,

While enjoying out there are those wild creatures.

Once they were caged in and kept for a show.

But today we are caged in and nowhere to go.

I see masked people all over.

Yes the human faces have got a total makeover.

We are all socially distanced,

But guess what, our hearts have come closer.

Everything shall soon get into position, but that really depends on our decision.

By Avanthika P Satheesan

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