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A Little Thing Called Romance

By Yamini Singh

Suhani was sitting inside her home when her dad called. Her dad was planting a flower pot in the garden and he wanted Suhani to come helps him out. She was reluctant, but still went outside to help her dad. Soon, she got her mind into the work that she even couldn’t hear the horn from the car which was approaching near to her home. The car passed through her and she felt the splash of muddy water over her and that was when she realised that a car passed by and that her new neighbours are here. She was least interested in her new neighbour. Their new neighbours, as her parents told, were in the same business as her father. They had a son, who will be joining Suhani in her class. Even, both the woman of both the houses had same interest and worked in the field of fashion. Suhani’s mom owned a small boutique and a fashion house in the plaza around her house and her main interest was in developing stylish kurti’s for the younger generation. The coming neighbours worked some what in the similar zone. Her parents were excited to welcome these new neighbours. But she was highly reluctant to meet them. She was very well aware that she will be forced to go to school with their son, Abhimanyu and also show her around but she had no intention of doing so.

She got away from all the thoughts she was having when she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was her mother. “Suhani, go get changed. You are drenched in the muddy water. Ah! You get so involved in working that you don’t hear a sound. Did you even listen when Abhimanyu apologized from the window after you got covered in the mud.”, her mom said. “Sorry Ma, I was mummering song in my head that I did not listen. Also, No I didn’t saw him apologize.”, she said.

“And about Abhimanyu, as you said earlier, I am declining the offer of showing him around the school campus. He is a big boy who can find friends. I am not doing that.”, she continued. She has seen Abhimanyu once, when they came looking for the house. She had no idea they are buying the house. She was returning back from the park and she was a boy getting back in to the car who was by her definition “Damn! He is good looking smart guy.” She remembered those spectacles he wore the day she saw him for few seconds, being totally unaware actually could happen. Not in her wildest dreams she had imagined that they boy will end up living next to her and will go to same class. So, now since he had already moved in, her plans were clear to totally avoid him.

She went inside the house in her room. She sat back her window totally unaware that she is in exact view of her new neighbour, Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu saw her, writing something in her diary. She looked very calm and looking at her he Sighed. He sighed thinking about the first time he saw her. He saw her right there on her study chair reading a book. It was some novel he could figure this much out through his room window. It was the second day when he came back to the house with his parents, making sure that they are taking the house. He thought and wished they become good friends but today, He said sorry and she didn’t even look. He guessed that he heard that she won’t be showing him around at the school. Not that he cannot make any new friends easily, he just wanted a break some ice with her. Thinking all about how to break ice with her, he set up his room. Quite aesthetically and mindfully. He kept his study table at side of the window that would Suhani a little view of him and then he hoped, she will fall in love with him. Little did he knew; she already likes him.

Suhani was seeing all his moves through her window. As much as she liked the arrangement of his room, she hated the thought that she has little feelings for him. She was single, but she did not want these things. Enough she had seen among her friends how easily relationship’s breaks. How much pain you feel. Her closest friend was going through it. She knows the pain. Even though they were in 11th standard, she was sure this is just a fling. Just a fling and if she will talk rudely with him he will never think she likes him. “Oh! That’s a plan gurl.”, she said to herself.

Days passed; both their feelings were growing even though as much as they hated to admit. He wanted to admit to her but she always acted cool in front of him that made him doubt his move. It was very clear to both of them that they will have to continue to talk with each other even if they have to be rivals or fight because their parents got pretty close to each other. Everyday he woke up thinking to confess his feelings but then saw their parents bonding and imagining all the awkward situation that will created if she does not reciprocate his feelings, he backs down. All he could do was a to pretend to pretend a friendly studious fight just like she did.

“Wow! What an idiot you both are. Are you sure you guys are genius? You both pretended to fight just to keep talking with each other. Didn’t you ever come close and felt any thing or what. You guys literally liked each other for a year, never ever have to experience any moment. How can you call it as full proof plan. You guys are dump in romance, no wonder it took you a so long to get married.” , said Kritika after smashing her hand over her head. Kritika was their beautiful daughter. It was her 12th birthday and she took a promise from her parents to know their love story as her birthday gift. For her, and everyone around her, they were the cutest couple in the town. They finish each other’s sentence, help each other grow, celebrate each other’s success, show romance out loud and just be happy in their own little nest. Kritika always loved how their parents were such a cutie. She always wanted to know about how they met and fell in love so, her parents promised to tell her the story as her 12th birthday. Old enough to understand and old enough to know what these feelings are.

“Okay, so what happened next? What was that big reveal when you told each other?”, She asked.

Suhani and Abhimanyu was holding each other’s hand and smiling all along when Kritika was ranting about them. They found it cute. They were feeling proud telling their daughter about their love story, moreover they revisited their days when they were young, fell in unsaid love, thought only they are in one side love, not knowing whether they will ever confess or not.

“Didn’t you use to have the same feeling of telling me how you feel?”, asked Abhimanyu.

“No, I was in total control.”, she giggled while saying.

“What a little liar you liar.”, he said while tickling her.

“Guysssss, cute. But tell me about your big reveal of feelings for each other.”, Kritika said.

“Okay, yeah! Abhimanyu go on.”, said she.

“We kissed.”, said he.

“WOW!, when how when?”, Kritika asked. She was on cloud nine. Her 12th birthday was going great. Although she doe not have feeling for anyone but she does hopes to have them some times in her life.

“So, it was a rainy day. Its been a year. We have now in the last year of school. Making plans about future. Even though we were flighting over studies, we got pretty close to each other. We also were grouped together in the group projects. Out families were close so we have also spent nights together in the same house, I mean. Our friendship was growing stronger. I was getting more nervous that if now Suhani does not reply back, I will ruin something important for us. And then, one day we were paying a game and I was asked if I like someone.”, He spoke.

“Whoa! You said yes, then you kissed her.”, Kritika interrupted.

“No, in fact I looked in her eyes and turned my head down and said no. Literally a chill went down my spine while doing so.”, he said.

“And then”, Kritika said impatiently.

“I saw his eyes. I felt a chill down my spine as well. When the game ended, we returned back home. We did not spoke a word to each other. A complete silence walks it as. I had questions. For the first time I wanted to say to him, I like you too. But I was lost at word. We both looked in each other eyes when he was asked this question. We both knew in that moment. That was our first, what is called a romance moment.”, Suhani said while remembering that day.

She looked at his eyes in that moment. They both leaned for a small peck. Kritika was more than happy and smiling while she saw them kissing in front of her.

“Cute!”, Kritika said.

Yeah, we went to our house. Our parents somehow acted like cupid in our story that day. Since it was Friday night and we had weekend off, they already made some plans for our get away. It was Saturday night now. We have not spoken not more than two words to each other. Our parents were at shock. We pretend normal in front of them but for full two days, there was this unsaid energy between us. We were looking just for a correct moment to lean in and kiss each other to yell out loud what was in our heart and it took us silence of a day and next night and some raindrops to make it happen. Abhimanyu narrated.

On Saturday, we were out separated from parents in the park in a resort, and was on roller skate. We were having fun. The weather was beautiful, it was filled with dark clouds and our parents did stop us to go far but we went a little far. Now, we were skating while holding hands and for a moment we saw in each other’s eyes and right then, we heard a thunder storm. And we both fell down.” Suhani sighed while speaking.

We felt close to each other, laughing, looking at each other’s eyes and then I, for the first time took a little effort, oh! I was scared, so scared to even do this.” He got shy narrating this.

The wind made her face covered by strands of hair. I was intimidated in that moment to remove those hair strands as she was laughing at the situation and was removing her skates, I finally did that. She got a little shocked and happy.

Suhani started smiling

And then, the rain came. We stood up. I hold her hand and went under the shade. We looked at the rain for a moment and then looked at each other. We saw in each other’s eyes and took a step forward. It was getting chilly for me. She kept her hand over my chest and I removed those beautiful strands of hair from her face and came a little closer. Still, looking at each other’s eyes, our heart beating heavily, we stepped forward and shared the most beautiful moment of our lives. We kissed.

“I still remember the sound of falling raindrops of that day.”, Suhani said while looking at Abhimanyu.

“And that was it, that is how, we started a what you say, a little thing called Romance.”, Abhimanyu said while looking at Kritika and pulling Suhani closer.

By Yamini Singh

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